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Unity makes strength
Today I want to announce that we are 

This is your chance to join Bulgaria.Since the beginning of the game, we have been proving to all friends and enemies that we are the strongest country. We are developing all aspects quickly every day! I am happy to announce that right now Bulgaria is recruiting new players!
What can we offer?

Our Market has always been stable. Now our MM market is on 0.011 and is sure that we will not run out of cc since we have a lot of cc in order to keep it low! All productions are sold fast especially weapon and weapon material!
We are proud to announce that our supply system is completely free for all OH participants! Be here for an OH and you will receive Q5 or Q6 weapon according to your strength. 

We might have 1x100 right now but it is a weapon bonus which is the most important. We are looking forward to expanding our bonuses when possible.

I can say that Bulgaria is the strongest and most populated country! There are always 50-60 online players when OH occurs! Be part of our great force! Also, we have the top 3 Military Units in the top 20. This only can prove HOW STRONG we are!, we are offering great deals for a group of people who are willing to move together in eBulgaria
If YOU are interested in joining us, I want to let you know that our discord is very English friendly, each OH and information is provided in Bulgarian and English. We are still working on improvements that are going to be noticeable soon! 

For more information, details, and questions, please do not hesitate and message me here or in discord -
Triple Agent#1563


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Join Germangaria B]
With these great deals you may win bigly
The funny thing is that a few months ago, when Brazil was the strongest country with many foreigners, several Bulgarians said that Brazil was killing the game and everyone should go back and play for their home countries. Laugh
We are mainly Bulgarians here. We do not jump to big allies and make a strong allies. We have been trying to help small communities such as Iran, Macedonia, Greece, Germany, and many more. Also, we gave regions to Poland without anything in return but have a peaceful relationship (but they prefer a war so we will deliver one for them). Take this into consideration when joining eBulgaria Wink We help small communities so we are not killing the game, we are trying to encourage small communities to develop!
When Brazil was the strongest, we were alone. No even smaller allies we had. Wink But I don t question your intentions, I just question how you change your mind when it is for to benefit yourselves. It is funny Laugh
Yeah, you are funny Laugh
You had Celio and OFC. We dont have that Laugh
I wanted to write good luck or something like that, but @Espor made me change my mind... Mate, you have been trying to help small countries, right...? Maybe when you deleted us without any reason at the very beginning of the game, making 9/10 of our players to abandon the game, yes...? That was your help, right...? Mate, you gave our regions back for free, right...? But you dont mention you were conquering them just to get points during tournament and we were supposed to get them back, so you could conquer them again, but our president went offline for ever... and all 3 Poles still playing in our country were not able to do anything... Indeed, I asked your president BLA, if he has something against releasing our regions (I even didnt know then we were deleted by BG several times...) and you are making of it a great great favour, releasing useless regions of one of the smalles countries in the game... Thats exacly how your helped (at least towards Poland) looked like... Now you are threatening us with war, because polsih players remember your attitude and actions and hit against you (yeah, mighty LOLAND hits vs virgin BG and we deal tons of dmg... winning all the battles), that is just funny... So... To sum this up... Invite more players, become even more powerful, do what you want and have fun, but please... stop that bulshit talks or keep them for your internal propaganda... K THX BYE
Lol sweetheart, do you want me to give you 3x100? Do you want me to find you, 100 players, to fight for Loland? Do you want me to donate you enough gold so you can create Q6 companies so you can give away free supplies? Lol, just lol. Whenever we needed regions from Poland we have approached the previous CPs for an approval to take them for the tournament and return them back (at least it was like this in the 1st tournament) We are open for everyone to join our country, everyone has its own choice, they can go in USA and use 3x100, go to Mexico and fight against us, or come in Bulgaria and be part of a warrior program!
te diria que si, pero nel Smile
no, I dont want you to give me anything, I just want you to stop that crap with helping small countries (many people know your way of helping very well - be polite and do what I say or you will be deleted...) and giving regions for free (conquered because president droped the game and there was no one to take care of anything), thats all I want and I do hope you can handle this... THANK YOU!
If you are a small country, dont mess with us and you will have no problems. Simple ad that Laugh
you @CSKABG1 also read, but dont understand...? I am not messing with you, I am only asking for a bit of honesty and saying things they really are, not you would like them to be...
Shooting organised against us is messing Laugh
We can talk a lot about history but that doesnt help
Good luck.
We deleted you at the start of the game, because of ambru and his arrogant mice attitude
You have deleted a country and destroyed its community because of one guy being arrogant...?
Now you are getting arrogant... if you want to develop, approach us and ask for help to develop as a country. We have food, weps, supplies to small countries and communities. But you do not know about this... There are a lot of things that you do not know as well. Bulgaria was part of baby boom project about raising up small countries with the help of Boikov
I am very far from being arrogant, trust me... I hardly ever use comments under articles to discuss things with others, I prefer private messages and you can check that with your recent presidents, if I have ever been arrogant towards them there... as I said, I have posted my comments here only as a reaction to your first comment, because things about small countries and releasing polish regions were in oposite to what I know... And yes, there is probably a lot of things I am not aware of, I was onlu clicking FIGHT button in this game till now, so if I am mixing anything feel free to show me your point of view, I am always open for normal discussion and mutual respect Smile
Lol, just lol. The last comment just shows the lack of knowledge and adjustments from your side. I do not have what to say when I see lack of these two Smile
It is very true what he says (@jedimindtrick). Mexico was not looking for war against Bulgaria, but one day their CP came and said you give me those regions and we assure you not to erase them, even to avoid that war we ask what they offer us in return ... And they said ... Don t erase it Lol. Then they asked for help from usa .. 😉