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  Hello everyone, I have decided to do a market analysis providing the average prices for food, weapons and houses. These prices are from what I have seen on chat and also what I have payed. 


Energy - has been floating between 700-1000 , so its pretty steady at the moment. 

Weapons- are floating between 24-100 (Q1 are pretty hard to find, the more common ones are q2 and q5) 

Houses- People are slowly starting to sell houses but obviously that will change very soon.



                                                                             700-1000 energy = 1g

                                                                                            Q1 = 0.023 - 0.025 
                                                             Q2 = 0.030 - 0.032
                                                             Q3 = 0.033 - 0.035
                                                            Q4 = 0.040 - 0.045
                                                            Q5 =  0.050 - 0.055


                                                                                            Q1 = 5 - 5,5

                                                               Q2 = 6.5 -7 

                                                              Q3 =  7 - 8

                                                              Q4 = 8.5 - 9

                                                              Q5 = 10


Keep in mind apart from Q1 houses the other prices are just rough estimates. 

Also since the game is only new these prices will change, if  you want me to turn this into a series comment or message me with ideas and I ll see what I can do. If I turn this into a series I ll need a designer  so I can produce better quality articles. 

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it would be a good series, at least once every 2-3 days
Bravo. I buy 50q1 weps daly. Pm me
Mr D, give me your D! Laugh
accurate prices ^^ , o7