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South of Iran is full of spectacular attractions that can entertain you for days and months, making you a unique and beautiful experience.Hormuz Island, with an area of ​​42 square kilometers, annually hosts an unveiling of the carpet, designed and executed by the hands of artists on the island. Artists paint the Hormuz earthen carpet on the outskirts of the Persian Gulf, a short distance from the Bay of Nile on the sandy beaches of the island. More than 50 artists have contributed to the design of this earthen carpet, which has had a variety of beautiful designs over the years.The soil of the island of Hormuz due to its iron oxide composition and various oxidations has colors such as yellow, white, red, brown, etc., which gives it a special beauty in the design of various carpet designs. Hormuz carpet has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iran and around the world, with many tourists traveling to Hormuz to see its unique beauties.


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