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1 : Bulgaria will keeps the following region:
- Thrace
- Macedonia
- Epirus
/all other conquered regions will be returned to Greece with RW who will be rised and paid by Bulgaria/

2 : Bulgaria will pay Greece 170 gold rent per month (for regions in point 1)

3 : Bulgaria will leave following regions to Greece:
- Northern District
- Lower Egypt
- Western Desert
- Upper Egypt
/Greece will get this regions with direct attack and will not be refunded for costs/

4 : Bulgaria will NOT attack Greece (except to take back region who is part of this agreement)
4.1 : Greece will NOT attack Bulgaria (include RW)
4.2 : If someone start RW of Bulgaria in Greece rented regions - FRONT (at the moment of sign part of FRONT are: Greece, Hungary, Albania, Poland, SA, Mexico, Croatia and Serbia) will NOT fight there
4.3 : Bulgaria and Greece are allowed to fight each others through MPP
4.4 : Bulgaria and Greece CAN fight for his allies or everyone everywhere except regions part of this agreement (point 1 and point 3)

5 : If any side(Bulgaria, Greece or FRONT) did not comply with what was written in this agreement the compensation will be 1000 gold.
- this applies to organized hits and any other coordinations from this sides
- one man army (one player) is not considered an organization, unless he takes a leadership position of course

6 : The agreement is valid for one month and can be extended only if both sides wish to do so on 2.1.2020.

The agreement is valid when President of Greece - BlackRider, President of Bulgaria - xxAtilaBGxx and SC of FRONT herosiv sign this!



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Signed by SC of Front
Signed by President of Greece
Signed о7
Good job, Front. You won this war (personally to me). You just needed to organize 3 OHs so Bulgaria can suffer from this. Imagine if you make 6 strong OHs next time what you gonna receive Laugh Unfortunately, Bulgaria is well known for giving up easily instead of fighting until the end. I am proud that I do not stand behind this stupid decision of Itso s and Atila s. Good luck to both sides! o7
BlackRider is not the CP of Greece. The CP of Greece is tsitoubil and always will be. This agreement is shameful for all Bulgarians and Greeks. Atila = the biggest noob
That was Atila s and Itso s ideas because they were calculating how many dmg we spent in these 3 battles. Well, no wonder why they are very disliked characters in this game Laugh
I left game half day and there is love everywhere! Let s make some new wars.
Bulgaria and Greece can send me both 1000 golds, i can be keeper. So when somebody breaks deal i will send golds to opposite side.
Govedo, all players know that if one country breaks the agreement, the other will not pay the gold at all Laugh We have seen this cliche many times Laugh
why agreements with the front?
γιατί δεν με θες κυρα μου ? επειδή είμαι ψαράς ?
People please, 2.1.2020 - is it February 1 or January 2 ?