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The Front has approached the Bulgarian government and they agreed on the following terms:

1. This agreement is valid from 06.12.2019. - 15.01.2020
2. No direct battles allowed (except Training Wars)
3. Fighting through MPPs are allowed.
4. RWs are allowed if 2 countries agree upon (due to mission that have to be completed by players)
- No RW is allowed in Greece prior to the last agreement between Greece and Bulgaria
-If a given country leaves The Front, they are prohibited from fighting in Greece regions
5. Bulgaria gets El Hasa with route from Saudi Arabia. Bulgaria and Saudi Arabia will not fight against each other in any battle via MPP and RW

6. Bulgaria will install new q5 hospital in Saudi Arabia.
7. The agreement between Bulgaria and Saudi Arabia will be valid from the day Bulgaria takes El Hasa and Saudi Arabia takes 3 regions from Iran and it is going to be for 60 days. (This article will be updated in the very same day that both sides take the required regions)
- When the agreement with the Front is over, it is prohibited the following countries to hit in El Hasa and its own routine to El Hasa (meaning that the bridge cannot be broken at any time) - Greece, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Hungary, Poland, Mexico, and Albania
8. Croatia leaves St. Petersburg and takes the deer in Belarus, and Homelskya and Mahilyowskya
9. The agreement between SA and Iran will be added in this agreement terms.
10. If any of these countries leave The Front ( Greece, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Hungary, Poland, Mexico, and Albania ) - they will be still prohibited to hit against Bulgaria and Bulgaria will be prohibited to hit against any of these countries

This agreement is valid from the day all countries from the Front and Bulgaria sign it. If in any point a given agreement is broken, then there should be a compensation or this is the end of the agreement if this is the final decision from all sides.


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Signed by Albania o7
Signed by SC of Front
Signed by dictator of SA
Signed by Croatia
Signed by CP of Bulgaria o7
Time for new days o7
Signed by Barack Obama
Good luck o7
Mariah Carey mode on Smile
Signed by Serbia
make LOVE not war
Singed boss 😁
so i can now chase BH against USA in RWs
Smart move all Smile
Signed by CP of Greece
National traitor! No wonder why all hate this character not only in this game!
Itso, you started the talking. And you are not everyone, honey. Go help yourself Wink
What is the front?
Signed by CP of México o7
That English. . . Did Galacio made article?
Bulgarian party president is just breaking this treaty:
ненормалници, гяури... оня бойков дупелизеца трябва да е замесен тук ... един фронт не може да отвори, ама напове по 3 на ден е способен да сключи в ощърб на държавата си ....
Signed by Hungary
who is bulgaria?
RIP gay alliance , BG WINS