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Join Japan, Join NOW !!!
GL Mexico
Fail Front
GL México
I think you made mistake by signing NAP without even telling word to allies. Gl Mexico
Puxico ?
what a lol
Just read my comment in Herosiv article: https://www.erev2.com/en/article/5408 Now I will make predictions by 5 gold xD
stfu Ras putin, you never had the nuts to send the law.
well... Serbia is so occupated to help you XD.
This is just a game , but here you can see so many different personalities. I think that Mexico is one of better communities here. Thank you for everything, and i wish you all the best. o7
o7 Mexico holded after 3 concecutive wars
o7, ally or enemy Serbia always will respect Mexiko
Serbia Kiss
Pero si SA siempre los ayudo @Evans
hay que romperle su madre a esos aliados, es momento de cambiar de bando muchachitos
well... Serbia is so occupated to help you XD.
great decision! o7