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Hello ,
i used to do articles in some games i played before and i find them interesting. 
So lets begin with most complicated continent ,Europe.

Lets start from south to north.

Spain and Portugal keep their core regions while Italian core regions are mostly conquered  by France ,Croatia and Albania. Still Italy has one core region at Sicily.

West Europe.

Here seems that France has total domination over this part of continent since it has all of their cores plus territories from Germany, Switzerland ,Belgium ,Netherlands (Netherlands are conquered by Albania too) . At the moment of writing  Germany have only one region at their core.

While Ireland holds their cores plus one region of UK , on the other side UK is divided between USA on the north and Albania on the south.

North Europe

Denmark, Norway and part of Sweden and Finland are conquered by Croatia , Poland also have 2 regions of Sweden , and Sweden holds 2 regions on their own. Regarding Finland , they hold 2 regions of their own , and Latvia hold one.
Latvia hold their regions (with one exception , cos Bulgaria has 2 of  their regions) plus some regions from Estonia ,Lithuania and Belarus. 

East Europe

Ok , 
Poland holds their regions plus on of Ukraine.
Belarus have 1 their own region,rest are divided by Croatia and Latvia.
Ukraine has 4 their own regions , the rest are taken by Bulgaria,Romania,Poland.


Czech hold one their region , the rest got Serbia,
Slovakia have one too, one got Hungary , the rest got Serbia.
Austria i completely wiped by Croatia, Albania,Hungary
Hungary holds like half of their country cores , the rest got Serbia,

South - east Europe

Slovenia got one region, rest took Croatia,
Croatia and Serbia hold their cores,
Bosnia and Herzegovina hold 2 cores and rest got Macedonia,
Montenegro hold 1 core region and rest got Macedonia,
Macedonia hold their cores,
Albania hold 1 core region , and rest are taken by France,Bulgaria and Macedonia,
Romania and Bulgaria got their core regions.

Greece and Turkey

Greece holds most of their middle and south country regions ,while Bulgaria took north ones.
Turkey holds 2 core regions around Istanbul , and the rest are divided by USA and Georgia.

That s it for now fellas, if you like it vote,sub,endorse ,comment me and perhaps i make more.


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that s all?
Where is the analyze ?
I was not sure for pictures to work so i published it earlier.
v abd enderos
this is just statistic
Is that a tutorial how to read a map? Amazing. Next arcticle comming soon.. On topic how to recognize diffefent colors TIP: Albania is RED, Serbia is Orange.. Exactly, like the fruit.. Laugh