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Because Christmas is approaching, I took the initiative to give away some prizes, for all the players who have stayed in the game and motivate them in this way to continue in this game, as we are few but it is fun many times, it has tasted the sweet taste of victory, also as the bitter taste of defeat, it has been a very rewarding year and I sincerely hope Admin continues to bring news to the game and make it more and more entertaining. 

I also had the collaboration of several friends in the game who contributed with juicy prizes.

https://s1.1zoom.me/big0/782/335934-SoLoVuShKa.jpg   I want to give a big thank you to all the players who contributed with each grain of sand to make this great draw. 

This is the table of contributions of each player:

Due to all these juicy contributions we have the following total of prizes:


Take the initiative and dare to participate in this totally free draw, you could be the lucky one to win some wonderful prizes.....


Well, the time has come to know how to participate, it s extremely simple:
1 .- just write in your commentary the number, sequentially, if you come and place any number at random simply be disqualified, if someone notices this violation, do not pay attention and follow the sequence of number, for example, 1, 2, 3, etc., So that there is a sequence and is easier to choose the winner.
2 .- You should also make a comment about the festivities is not to make it different and more striking, for example:
 Comment 1: At this time of year I wish you all an excellent holiday, no matter what your religion or beliefs are, this is a month of peace, which I believe every human being should enjoy with his family in the most beautiful way possible. 

Note: You must register until December 24th until 19:59 erev time, until then comments will be valid. 
Note 2: Comments that do not write your Christmas message will also be invalid.

The winners will be chosen on December 24th at 23:00 Erev time.
In the following way, depending on the number of comments that exist.
For example a total of 100 people have commented, the following page will be used Sweepstakes Page , I will give an example this page chooses number at random and can be programmed is what I will do, and the winners will be shown as follows:
EXAMPLE (It is only an example, if you enter the link you will realize that there is an option to choose date, it is what will be used for the draw) 
On December 24th at 20:00 erev time, I will add the link of the Official Drawing so that those who wish can review the live draw.


Finally we have here the list of the prizes you can get:

The prizes will be awarded on December 25th or 26th, so if you are one of the lucky winners, don t worry, you will get your prize.  


Without further ado, I m off to wish you all the best of luck.
I also want to go ahead and Wish each of you a great holiday, enjoy this holiday with your family and loved ones, as they are the most important thing we can have. 
Note: In the future I hope to make more drawing do not forget to subscribe to be aware of the News. 


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Octapole :o
NovenPole :3 vote 6 quiero mis dineros y los premios
11? This Christmas I wish you that there would never be a War of Nations tournament again, because it adds nothing to the game but gives you a month of farming
12 prros. Hashire sori yo kaze no you ni tsukimihara wo PADORU PADORU 😎♍
13 Lucky Me !!!!
14 Felices fiestas a todos y feliz año nuevo, Viva la Patria o7
14 me !!!
20 happy Christmas.. I wish 2020 will be best for all o7 ❤️
17 ... I wish everybody all the best in the upcoming New Year! ... Нека да е весела и щастлива новата 2020 година :-)
120 happy Christmas.. peace in world
15, I wish to finish finally my master degree. It s all i am asking for. Cheers to everyone and happy holidays!!!!
21 happy Christmas to everyone! XD. Fun year Smile
22 Merry xmas! It s nice to see everyone in a giving mood and helping out other members of the community. Thank you to all the kind people who contributed to this!
34 o7
28 Merry Christmas and happy New Year!
331 sub
25 i wish you health to you and your families and peace at the earth
30 MerryChristmas bro 😉
23 Feliz navidad :3
24 Huevos pa todos, yo invito
47 - Happy new year. Среќна нова година!!!!
25, Arriba el Imperio peruano, Feliz navidad a todos o7
26😁 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
27 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! jijijiji
28, feliz navidad para todos las familias de todo el emundo! sobre todo para la fam peruana
29. un saludo para la comunidad peruana y felices fiestas para todo los compañeros de este game enemigos y aliados, ellos hacen este game mejor!
30! esta navidad les deseo lo mejor acompañados de todos sus seres queridos y en conpañia del niño jesus, derrame sus vendiciones sobre cada de uno de nosotros y podamos ser top mundiales!!!
31, solo quiero felicitar a todos los que seguimos en este game y seguir adelante! esta navidad pasemos con nuestros familiares y un saludo para todos!
N°37 en orden de comentarios. Felices fiestas para todos. O7
38 o7
v 41 Happy holidays to everyone have a great family time o7
#42, aprovechar el momento para dirigirme a todos. Gracias amis amigos y enemigos. Yo se que este es un game y no tengo rencor a nadie, y les deseo lo mejor a todos en estas fiestas!! Gracias Kirito x este evento
#43 feliz navidad a todos les desea papu
#88 Merry Christmas 🎅⛄♥️
#45 Its me, Happy Holidays
#46, feliz navidad
#47, feliz navidad a to2 o7
#48 Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2020
#49 felices fiestas, que sus sueños se cumplan, y un próspero año
#50 felices fiestas
16.. mantaaap
51 Happy holidays
#52 Happy Holidays, I wish you good health and good fun
#53 Merry Christmas friend or foe, kick back, relax, enjoy the show, and when the New Year comes rake in all the dough. Something like that guys, I am not a poet. XD ... Happy Holidays to everyone
54. o7 all friends
#23 merry christmas Boys with health
17 Merry Christmas Smile
55 I wish you all guys happy hollidays, spend them in peace with your families!
No 56 aj da ste mi živi i zdravi - en that you re alive and in good health - живели!!!
#57 op!
No.58 I wish you all happy hollidays
77 Merry Christmas
#59 I am girl I like presents
61 😀
#62 Make Love not War, Merry Christmas
#63 Make war not love Kiss
#65 merry christmas
64 make love in war
66 Felices fiestas a todos y feliz año nuevo
67 deseo Que Perú y Mexico algún día se enfrenten algún dia1 vs 1 (solos sin mpp)
68 merry christmas
69 Causirta estuvo aqui
70 make love not war
73 feliz navidad y próspero año nuevo son los deseos de #ernesto@ y que sean muchos más
v 71 GL. Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2020
72.- “Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2020” 🎄 🎅. Thank Kirito
C 76 Felices fiestas navideñas y quiero mi premio
77 merry cristmas o como se escriba no sé inglés Que pasen bonitas fiestas
78 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
80. Feliz navidad a todos
81 grac5 a todos y feliz navidad
82. Health and happiness in 2020!
83 Merry cristmas friend s
84. .. feliz navidad amigos que sean la Paz y la prosperidad en vuestros hogares el año que viene
85 Merry Christmas and Happy 2020
86 Cuando mandan los premios?
87 last
88 Merry Christmas!
90 Merry Christmas!
:c y la traducción?
91 Merry Christmas and hoping that we will be still here next year even though it’s highly unlikely Laugh Make love and war!
95. Merry Christmas! Lovely presents to all the children in the world!
92 Merry Christmas!! Laugh Laugh
93 Happy Holidays!
94 , sinceramente espeor tener suerte, mis mejores deseos a amigos y aliados felices fiestas o7
99 felices pascuas y un próspero año nuevo a todos los jugadores de este gran juego
95 have fun
100 Merry Christmas to everyone, my best wishes to all!!
96 chears
Nro. 101 - Felicidades a todos !!
102... I hate Christmas because in this period there are a lot of non-working days... Anyway – I wish you to all Happy New Year... o7
105 Laugh
106 feliz navidad y próspero año nuevo
107 marry cristmas and happy new year
108 Gezuar festat
109, i wish all of you to be healty and happy , and marry christmas
103 Merry Christmas
110 Merry Christmas!Hoping next year we get a few more players in the game!
111 Happy Holidays,remember this is just a game people,we play for amuzement
13 Lucky me. I forget message. I wish to all Merry Christmas and Happy new year!!!! Hristos se Rodi i Srećna vam Nova Godina. ❄📯🕭😇🎄🎉🎊🍾
112 merry xMas everybody feel the luv
113 merry christmas... hey tú si tú... Ella no te ama!... she doesn t love you
114 merry christmas bois.Wish you a good gaming 2020
115 Merry Christmas
116 Merry Christmas
117 Merry Christmas
118 Merry Christmas
119 Merry Christmds
120 Merry Christmas
121 Merry Christmas and happy drinking Smile
122 Merry Christmas
123 Merry Xmas
124 merry christmas Let s hope that 2020 will start with total war in the game
125 Merry Christmas
126 Merry Christmas......... and happy
126 Merry Christmas
127 Merry Christmas........ho...ho...hho
128 наздраве
130 merry christmas
131 Feliz Navidad y que el 2020 nos traiga muchas guerras para todos XD
132 Merry Christmas.
133 Merry Christmas. Наздраве на всички и весели празници !
133 Feliz Navidad
Feliz Navidad!!! 🎄🎁 Merry Christmas!!! 😃
134 Merry Christmas!
135 Merry Christmas!
136 Merry Christmas!
Merry christmass
142 merry christmas world
143 merry christmas, people and big thanks to all Who give these rewards o7
144 merry xmas good people
145 Merry Christmas
146 merry christmas bro
#148 Be better!
149 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
150 Feliz Navidad
155 Feliz Navidad a todos, más al admin que me quito 1 fábrica de armas Q6 y 1 Q5 Smile
157 feliz navidad amigos!
157 Merry Christmas
158 feliz navidad
159 feliz navidad
160 feliz navidad amigos!
161 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
162 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
163 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
164 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
165 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
166 Stay away from games and near ur family this days Smile
End of registrations Smile
We don t have number 60. The prize should be divided by numbers 59 and 61