A Gentleman And a Scholar

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1. Start

Hallo, Guten Morgen...Tag....Abend...Was ist los?!

Ich bin Zaphiel, ein eRev 2.0 spiel aktriv.

Now, if you'll pardon my terrible German, I'll now proceed to butcher the Japanese language using romanji.

Ohayou gozimasu! Konichiwa, Konbawa!  Watashiwa Zaphiel-san... Hajimamee!

Great, now that we've established that I know barely anything about those two languages and no, I did not use google translate. Time to get to the meat of the article. I'm Zaphiel, and it's ever so nice to make your acquaintance. I like to write and I had been considering writing on this version of eRevolution as I had written in the previous version a long time ago.

The great game has begun, alliances have been declared and governments are forming day by day. For example in the USA, a politician by the name of Diesel has posted an article about the US Government going into the presidential term. You can find it here, but to sum up the important bits.

Clairvoyant is CP

PortgasAce is VP

We're going in quick and dirty so you better bring a condom!

Now other nations have also begun to form governments and even start alliances too. An alliance has been formed out of the ashes of the new world. It goes by the name of Casus Belli! Which I'll give them kudos for the name, but I think using that name is cheesy. It's probably Latin, at least a quick google search says so.  So, I'll stick with languages I can butcher with pride.

The nations involved in the alliance are
"🇺🇦 Ukraine
🇬🇪 Georgia
🇭🇷 Croatia 
🇭🇺 Hungary 
🇸🇮 Slovenia 
🇦🇱 Albania 
🇬🇷 Greece

Information was taken from the alliance announcement article, which you can read here.

There is a petition that is going around that I support with all the support a person like me can muster. It's a petition about training grounds and it's a request to the admins to change the cost or at least extend the time that the upgrades can be purchased for your TG. So, call your buddies, as it's a big one. Let's give the non-VISA players at least some shot in being successful in the game.

2. End

Not much else to really talk about right now. There will be more news as news develops. The game is fresh and people are still trying to find their way. In the end, we must be prepared for chaos and for the worst to happen even in the most hopeful of circumstances.

We have a congress, I didn't run for congress as I was considering just two clicking, but I may write more later as I love to write. Writing is a drug, and once you're addicted it's a hard knock to beat.

Either way, here's a belated welcome to the game. Some people are doing S4S stuff, I may try that, but for now I'd rather just write. There's a joy in writing, it's serene.

My next article will likely be interviewing a congressman or a Delta Force member. Delta Force is a large military unit within the USA. You can get free crap by fighting in DOs (Daily Orders) so you have all the reason to join it!

Catch ya on the flipside,

A gentleman, and a scholar,



Petition link

Delta Force Link


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Casus Belli! is turko-georgian, not Latin!
gud job o7