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Media Mogul medal

First what not to do

Don t make S4S article it doesn t work anymore there is not enough new people to help you get this medal.
Most of the old players get their Media Mogul medal or medals in first month of this game so they don t care now.

Don t make article help me get a media mogul medal maybe there is a five people in this game that care about your medal plus people who tried the first don t option and still want and believe that they will get Media Mogul.

It is scientifically proven that articles of this type do not work anymore so don t waste time.

Now how to get it

The easiest and fastest way but also most expensive.
People who subscribe your newspaper get prizes or enter a lottery with good prizes. EASY and DONE

Next one is easy and free
Open Google Search and type Big Booty and Big Boobs go to images and copy paste to your article
We have a lot of perverts here so you will find readers. But write one or two sentences it looks better that way and don t worry none will read what you wrote. It may take some time but you will get it eventually.

There are legends that someone got this medal by doing quality content but wouldn t try it. 



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