Bem Vindos a Bordo

Published in Croatia - Warfare analysis - 09 Jan 2020 14:54 - 14

Sorry for my english

Hello everyone ,
As you may have noticed, Portugal has been the target of a PTO by some players, mostly Croatian players.

They created accounts here about 1 month ago and taking advantage of our 2 click situation they took over the country.

You know that many Portuguese have emigrated to different countries, most are in France, but we also have players in USA and other parts of the world.

We are still a few in Portugal that we tried kept the country alive.

We had close to 400 gold in our treasure which took us 1 year to collect .

But these Croats came,
made PTO,
stole our gold

300 gold
100 gold

and use Portugal to attack our best friend in the game - France

You are invited to leave Portugal and return the 400 gold stolen from us

If not, I will make sure that every Portuguese in this game will fight against Croatia and their interests from today until the end of the server.

and believe me we can do that :)




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PORTUGAL CRL !!! I am calling Marcial you bitches this wont stand Wink
PORTUGAL CRL! Money Laundry ....
400 gold for a year? What a noob Sad
Far cry...
You can go all in France. And take your bots
Croatia shame!!!!!
Message to Portugal bots. Leave country like your original accs
Fora daqui ladrões
Omg haha
Cheap propaganda
get the f... out of my country
Laugh Laugh Laugh D