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5 employees
5 energy q5
1 booster q3 temporary
1 missile q3
100 CC
50 RPG Q5
1 Hyper Bar q5 temporary

Jackpot Star
3 stars ---  5 Gems
next 3 stars ---  150 Energy q5
next 3 stars ---  Fiel Hospital 400 (10 days)

The cost is increasing by + 0.2g
Until you reach 3g


 11.01 00:14 
You need to collect 3 stars in order to collect one main reward, onceyou collect it it will fade a little bit
 11.01 00:15 
You have 1/8 chance to get one reward, it mean with each play you have12.5% to win Star. Nothing is multiplying
 11.01 00:16 
Once you collect all 3 mainrewards you will be able to play but you can not win main prizes anymore. On DC it will restart

 11.01 00:17 
admin, when the fieldhospital is won once, can I play again and accumulate days?

 11.01 00:19 
You can win 3 main prizes per day. So if you win today Gems/EB/Hospitalyou cant win it TODAY again. BUT tomorrow you can win it again
 11.01 00:20 
If you win today and tomorrow Hospital you will have 20 days 

 11.01 00:18 
this wheel will be 2 days?if you got 1 jackpot did you have it tomorrow too?

 11.01 00:23 
@itso, no you wont have it tomorrow. Tomorrow is new day and new wheel.

 11.01 00:33 
@admin this event willupdate again after last prize?

 11.01 00:37 
@marvolo when you win 3main rewards you can spin wheel but you can not win big rewards. Tommorw is new
day and you will be able to win big rewards again.

Curious data
Tovar well i have tested it 71 time ... lowest invest was 33G andbigest was 391


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Comments (18)

good I like it 😄
Tovar[Dante] well i have tested it 71 time ... lowest invest was 33G and bigest was 391
Chile flag = Endorse
@itso thanks ...
a little bit too expensive for a normal player to get even 1 big prize
88g for all 3 jackpot
Tovar[Dante]Днес в 10:24 well i have tested it 71 time ... lowest invest was 33G and bigest was 391
200gold so far for 2 rewards.
Surprised sad
200 gold i earned all rewards this is SOOO worth it
20 gold for 5gems
14 gold for 5 gems ^_^
What is the value of 5gems?
i got 10 gold 35 employess some bars and rpgs forgot how many but I think it was very worth!