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It is hard time in France,The Front(whole alliance) is attacking us on cores.Hopefully we showed what is France power! This week our main Military Unit Roosters had 84 billion damage!!! Yes this is unbelievable number,we broke all records and had the highest damage! I want to thank all our allies and brothers |U.S,Peru,Mexico| And I want to ask my 🇫🇷 friends do not leave France,do your best to defend our capital,defend our country.



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I will use my EB s for the defense of France !!!!
Hail France https://prnt.sc/qmwid1
Serbia to Paris
Serbia show more power then France, USA and Mexico. Who is the next?
Hail France and ally o7
@Otis Redding bro are you joking?
o7 France, respect for DMG
ro waishlebit gadmoreke dagamshvideb 😄
Don t worry, we have my multi Kirito. Laugh
Dont cry
Hail Francia! 07
James I never joking Laugh
cry baby few hours later we will meet in Paris
Hoy defendemos.. luego atacaremos XD
@Marvolo where are you?? Im waiting you in Paris as you said