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Hey boys!

First of all,PLEASE refrain from any personal feelings or thought you may have about one another or the game s atmosphere in general and just listen to my idea.I will keep my thoughts about all countries,about NAPs,about friendships and about balance to myself in order for my proposal to be as objective as possible.

Now,we see that the game is getting stale and it may seem to most countries like they don t have much to play for.Either you are small and can t compete with the big or you are Big and you have no real challenge,either you are enemies with everyone or friends with everyone - a decent war is hard to make and any attempts at that only bring quarrel to the playground.So,why not simplify this?Make things fun for all?


Well,I don t know exactly how good an idea this would seem to all of you,but I thought it was a nice one and I d love to get your guys s opinion on the matter.
Here it goes

Make the wars in the game tournament based.Kind of like an Event that Admin launches.Now,it could be made in different ways of course,but what I have in mind is this.
1.Make strength brackets of the countries
Countries will be divided into 2(or possibly 4) groups depending on their strength and player base.For example:

Group 1 would consist of the top 4 most powerful countries - USA,France,Bulgaria,Serbia
Group 2 would consist of the few next most powerful countries - Albania,Saudi,Peru,Mexico,Croatia,Romania
Group 3 would consist of all the other countries in the game

2.Draw time

After the countries have been separated into those groups it s time for a random Draw that will determine the teams for the Event.Sort of like a Champions League draw.For example:

Team A - Bulgaria,France,Mexico,Peru,Romania,Ukraine,South Korea,Argentina,Portugal,and so on and so on...
Team B - USA,Serbia,Albania,Croatia,Saudi,Hungary,Georgia,Uruguay,Ireland,Latvia,and so on and so on...

3.Fight time
Once the teams have been drawn they stick together and fight vs the other team for regions,for bonuses and for glory.Former foes would have to work together,friends will have to fight against one another.Nothing would be personal.1 Event could last 1 month or 2 for example.Or more if Admin thinks it would be better.

4.How will the winner be determined?

Well,there could be different measuring systems,but I d suggest that the winning team would be decided by number of regions won/lost.Kind of like in War of Nations tournament.

5.And once one of the team wins?

My idea is everyone from the winning team receive prizes.Examples of prizes

*A big trophy right next to the country s info when you click on it
*The standard Gun,Food,Gold packages
All the active players from the countries of the winning team,who have made a certain amount of damage/hits during that time,would receive rewards based on the country s damage in the Event.Rewards could be handed to the President so he can distribute,to the players individually.Or a new segment could be added to the country s info - Armory.Something like this,but you know,not as shit looking

The rewards from the Events could go there and be accessible to the players in the battlefield or other options.For example Country 5 of the winning team receives 7000 Q6 guns.Everyone can see which country has what in their Armory,but only the president and a few members of staff can work with those items.For example the president can set a notion(some new option in the game) that guns from the treasury will be accessible to the players  in a specific battle only.THey can go in the battle and each can have(thanks to a new option on the battlefield) a limited amount of weapons.Lets say 100 per person.

I like this idea because it would really help smaller nations progress as well.Maybe not after the first tournament,but after the secound when the Armory is getting bigger and bigger players could be tempted to make some organizations to revive smaller nations.A lot more talk can be done in that idea,but you get the jist of it.

*Medals to top 10 players in each team for most damage/most hits and such
I m not saying this idea has to be implemented in the game at all costs.Its just random thoughts about what I think could make the game more fun,balanced and help smaller countries.Let me know what you think about it in the comments,guys :)

Have a good one


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Boikov is good articel but who bilve bullgarija they are taritors😁😁😁
you should have publish this article 2 months ago...then it could have point
Nice try.
o7 good article, but isnt it a bit late now? Laugh
Well,if players decide to look away from the hate they have for each other and choose to have fun then I think the idea could be integrated one way or another at any point.
Bravo o7
Congratulations Bulgaria on killing this server. Farm well o7
Es una buena idea... sería como un evento corto y sería mucho más interesante si eso viene con el reset de bonos y todos los del grupo pelearian por los bonos que ya no sólo favorecen a un país si no a todo el grupo
This is good idea, but Bulgaria will change side as always.
o7 respect your idea
It s not idea, It s just Laugh
1000 golds a que Bulgaria vendería a su madre con tal de ganar la batalla.
@Boikov your government couldn t look away at hate they produced during this game and they joined overpowered side first. I don t care about this game anymore bcs it s full of idiotic ppl who heal their RL complexes here. It id good idea but it is to late to do anything like that. All the best o7
@Boikov always think big and in the common good, thanks. I think it s a wonderful idea, I have nothing new to add so i support it
Late or not if mutual agreement exists it can happen. Seems most ppl prefer to joke tho. You may add or suggest something if you dont like it. The discussion itself is important.
Good catch. I support the idea.
I have think BG is a proud Contry... No it isnt , now is a slave for USA .... dont forget to clean up your ass for them
I support the idea Boikov, you think like a leader. I hope that erev staff takes it into account 👍🏻