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I was wondering quite a long time if I should write this article or not. But I feel like I have to. I do not know how players will react about things that I am going to tell since only trollers and noobs are left in this game. Yes, sorry to admit it but that s the truth.


It is well known that Bulgaria has always been one of the strongest, biggest and a community with most real players at all. But have you ever asked yourself how did that happen? If each country had one person as Boikov ( who spammed like crazy, tried to find many players in many websites and has over 200-300 referrals /not sure about the exact number/). And what did you do? Crying that there are not enough players in your country? Crying that it is no balanced? Well, start looking for referrals and shut up.

What do you care about which side will Bulgaria take? If there are 2 sides and Bulgaria takes the 1st side, all players from the 2nd side will tell that we are killing the game and if Bulgaria takes the 2nd, the 1st side will tell the same sh$t.
And if Bulgaria decides that does not want to get involved, the whole world will attack Bulgaria except 2-3 countries that would help Bulgaria but not aggressively. Is that the reason why you call Bulgaria backstabber? Because you are weak? F$cking hell, just man up and fight.

Yeah, you cry for a balance when the win is not in your favor. Why didn t you f$cking cried for a balance when the whole world was against Bulgaria? Why didn t you say that this is not okay? Oh yeah, I am sorry, I forgot that you are little selfish things that you care about you winning but when you lose because your enemy side outnumbers you, you suddenly realize that it is not okay? Well, I tell you what. Shut the f$ck up and start fighting as Bulgaria did and yes, we survived. I can t guarantee the same about you but have an f$cking common sense, would ya?

Also, my message to the Front. What did you expect from Bulgaria? To take your side when you talked so many BS. No, I am sorry to tell you but it is not okay to give ultimatums to the strongest country in this game. Your whole alliance can t wipe Bulgaria and you gonna tell Bulgaria what shall the country do? As Gordons would say, can you f$ck off?

Your diplomacy sucks as well (Serbia). Yes, it does. Why on the first day you would ask Bulgaria to attack the USA with Serbia and on the other day Serbia would ask the USA to attack Bulgaria with Serbia. I don t even know what were you thinking. The front is a new level of a joke. All the people who represent in the front think that they are God? Excuse me but do you think that Albania is not winnable? Or Poland? Hell, you have so much attitude for a small country that can be wiped for a week. Bulgaria has always been nice toward small countries. We gave back a lot of regions, including Poland and they promised that they would not hit against Bulgaria since all Bulgaria wanted was peace but no, you ended bombing Bulgaria every fucking single time and yes, Poland and Albania deserve to be FULLY wiped so they can learn the lesson.

I don t know another country that has been trying to help small countries prospect except Bulgaria. A lot of examples can be given but I do not think that s necessary.

Yes, I know about France that chicken out and didn t help but I hope they learned a lesson that this is not the way to play the game. I don t fucking care about this anymore since they changed their attitude and I can just hope that France will not do that again.

I want just to thank Macedonia. You were the only one who NEVER EVER abandoned Bulgaria during all wars. You have always been fighting for us even when the whole game was against us. I just want to tell you that a MAJOR part of Bulgarian players, including me, are ready to fight for you and waste all inventory for you. You are not the biggest country or the strongest one. But for sure you are the bravest country to me and I am so thankful to be happy to call you as my brother! And be sure that people who have any sense left, will fight for you and will keep defending you against anyone who wanted to attack you.

My final message: stop crying. The Front attacked France, bare the consequences for god sake. I am so tired of your sh$ts.


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Thank you for the rally good words 👍🇲🇰
*grabs popcorn*
This is not about bulgaria choosing side and outnumbering the other side, this is about bg starting a war and then joining the same side as the country they promised to bf fight hard against. As for Albania everyone knows that we dont care for regions or bonuses so you can wipe us anytime. We are here only for good friends and allies and we have proved that we are loyal to them, helping and never asking for something back.
Also when you were CP, Bg was not nice toward a small country like Albania during first tournament Wink
I told you that I was going to pay the gold to take the regions back once we conquered them. I dont remember on which side was Albania but how come that I had a problem with you? I took regions from Poland, Hungary, Belarus, even Croatia (I took from them around 8-9 regions I suppose) and Bulgaria returned all regions back plus gave gold to the countries. Just lol
Boikov is a great player, he was helping me with the project to fill eNK market with products at afordable prices, also Screamer. I dont forget those who helped o7 Best wishes to Bulgaria community.
Wipe Albania
Слажем се са тобом. Не знам шта се дешава у савезу али Бугарску бије лош глас да воли да удара нож у леџа. И као и БРЈ нисте од речи и неможе вам се веровати. Зато се добро и слажете вероватно. Не знам само одакле идеја Србији да се са вама споји.
you mean North Macedonia?
No, I mean Macedonia Smile
Bulgarians are traitors like in RL, and they were always cowards!!! This is normal thing for Bulgarians.
And this is ridiculous how deep are North Macedonians in Bulgarian ass. This is ultra deep.
Hypocrites, intrigues, liars and selfish - just dont tell us about morality, honor and betrayal. The article is long, but in it Espor saves you many truths and you know it to be true!
Nah, you re not objektive.
EGreece is offended by calling with our region name another country. About ur words u have some point on some parts and some other need to analyze so we can keep up the game and continue playing with more fun.
Bulgaria has always been nice toward small countries. We gave back a lot of regions, including Poland and they promised that they would not hit against Bulgaria since all Bulgaria wanted was peace but no, you ended bombing Bulgaria every fucking single time and yes, Poland and Albania deserve to be FULLY wiped so they can learn the lesson. THATS NOT TRUTH... Poland has never promissed we wont hit vs BG, the only thing we have promissed (since I am the CP ofcourse) was not deleting BG till the end of 2019 year (that was a joke ofcourse, but that was the only promise I have ever made towards BG). I told BLA (hge was your CP then), that we will TRY TO BE NEUTRAL AS LONG AS POSSIBLE and I have really done all I could to keep it this way... Polish players were never happy with being freinds with BG, some of them were hitting against you even when I organised trainig war with UKR and asked not to hit vs BG... And after some time we have been invited to TF... So we have started playing like an aliance member - hitting, where the orders were... Whats so strange about it...? If you still can not stand that Poland is not a puppy for country that has deleted us several times without any reason (including very beginning of the game, when we have lost major part of our community...), than you are the one that should be FULLY WHIPED, at least for your ignorance and to see how it feels like...
I’ll just tell you that soon I’ll bomb Warsaw Cheeky
Do not hasitate to do that, I have no problem with that, this game is about bombing each other... Just do not write things that are not true...
The facts you don’t like doesn’t mean that it’s not true. Go help yourself
Your imagination of reality can not be called facts... The facts are as described four posts above... Go... Wait, no, just go...
Jebo te fyrom @kosingas... i to с леЏа...
Bulgarians proven backstabbers in all known games of this type and repeating that always, countries will change sides its normal no problem with that, but the way you do it is just wrong and its called backstabbing