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As the Croatian President, I have a duty to inform you that Croatia declares neutrality. After talking with government we decided it s time to move on. We consider that we gave all what we were in possibility to give for The FRONT and our allies.

This decision doesn t come from any fight with our friends, we just don t see Croatian future there.  We consider this move necessary for Croatian community and future of Croatian community. Currently signed MPPs will be respected until last day of mutual protection pact. We are going to work on contacting some country representatives to establish relations between ours countries before our current MPPs expire, so we ll start new MPPs.

Alliance was near breakdown and in complete chaos and because of that we started war against France in coordination with Bulgaria, but they after few days decided that they won t help us anymore and will fight against us, even attacking some alliance members in cores. No one knows who are allies and who are enemies. So Croatian decision is to declare neutrality. We have war against France which was started to save alliance, but since we were defeated by political plays we decided to boycott any further fighting there because opposite side holds 78.6% of world active damage. We are left to the mercy of France and their will. No new wars will be started while we are neutral. We will focus only on retaining the existing regions which we claim as our territory, neutrality and devoting ourselves fully to diplomacy. 

Nothing has changed with us, just this a situation that is happening right now is not good for anyone. Declaring neutrality, we do not give up allies. We remain with everyone who remains with us. Hard times are coming and Croatia will choose the side that choose Croatia. 

I would like to thank to The FRONT to enormous help, all good and bad moments and all hours spent together. You guys are sincerely great guys and it was pleasure to work with you.

Best regards,
Rodjo - CP of Slavia Union ( Cro Slo Union )


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We are left to the mercy of France and their will. To je taj ponos.
Radovlje pa 78.6% dmg je na njihovoj strani, naš sada bivši savez bojkotira udaranje i borbu jer je besmisleno. Neka naprave šta su naumili pa ćemo vidit šta ćemo dalje Smile
@Radovlje SA je propustila inicijativu napada na Sardiniju. Poslije čudom izgubila Južnu Italiju. Vjerovatno bila u nekim dogovorima s Francuzima tako da se ja ne bojim za vas
When 1,5 month ago as SC I said that we should sign NAP with USA and disband this alliance because there were a big mess, I were the bad one. But now I see you finally realize that this alliance doesnt worki as should.
Netruality not accepted you will be wiped with the rest of em If ya wanna talk a nap feel free to make a room with governador and me we are coming for your cores
You will always be with your friends Serbs and Albanians ahahahhaahh who you lie..... WIPE CRYATIA !
You will get wiped because you kept talking when you shouldnt have Wink
@Derthgar You can wipe us and I will not even try to defend @Kapo Gerge of course we will be always with Serbia and Albania because they had something what Bulgarians and wanna be Americans can only dream. Thats pride and word, their words means something and yours nothing. Americans breaking NAPs and noone care. Bulgaria switching side in middle of war. You are not worth of my time and 120% Im quiting this s***. Not playing with p***. You can play alone, who cares..
Neutrality could be accepted, after Croatia will be wiped.
Herosiv all of us saw that end is near and that alliance is near dissolving. We just wanted to give one more chance to try revive alliance. But we were making cardinal mistakes, there wasn t coordination ( besides some countries ). DreathGar you don t need to accept my neutrality, as you can see go delete us we don t care. I just consider that situation here is something that won t bring good outcome to anyone, game will just be boring and people will leave game. I do enjoyed provoking you whole day for real, but you should know that I knew that Croatia is your main target and it was more of tactical provoking Smile
hmmm, so it will not be till last man, last eb, last weapon, cmmon, we give up and surrender is smth that true balcan would never do
Peaky we re letting you play game you enjoy the most Smile
Also, I would like to add that me as CP was really close to Bg CP in times when we signed NAP. I didn t nor thought to do any harm to BG whole time. Ask your government and they ll tell you who was the most friendly and open towards you. Smile
organize the defense of your capitals, front (ex-) members! there will be war!
Polar you are the biggest fake crybaby Smile Crying we broke nap cause 2 ppl ex ofc shooted 1 bil in the first battle vs France when Wolf did 13 bil in USA and Peru rws and we said nothing When Albania attacked a region they werent supposed to cause of NAP But yeah 13 bil damage isnt breaking Nap my 2 guys 1 bil does Also blaming us having 20 man oh in a fight USA did 1 bil is a joke
Rodjo sure let us wipe ya i dont mind Wink My enjoyment and fun in game is making sure you dont have fun playing any more Wink
CRYATIA 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
No mercy for Croatia!
May the force be with you! Smile
Thank you Croatia, it was a pleasure to cooperate with you guys... o7
Poland, same pleasure was to be with you in all good and bad o7
No surrender o7
u dobru u zlu za rodju ja sam tu
šta mislite ko je sledeći?
wew, after 5vs1, and now Neutrality wtf
NeGluRiO likes that.
5vs1 was never actual, don t use cheap propaganda
v+e +s no 74 please do it back Laugh