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【POE】- Partnership of Equals -
wont last long
Fucking game kilers
Goal: protection of USA bonuses πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
fucking game killers x2 bonuses are yummy!
DonΒ΄t cry Serxhio
Uskoro ce Bugari opet plakati
kvii and AritonB you both cry but i dont see ya cro cs defending em i see ya bg cs farming in the bonus Smile
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Drethgar idiot only one who cry here is you im talking about game not cro or any country this aliance is undefeat... There isnt any chamce for other countries.. After this game is died nothing new and interest.. Thats is result of your shit politic.. Sucker Wink
There were ppl in US gov who disbaned aliance like NOVA for balance in game Smile
what a surprise... Smile
We decided we wanna win this gameWink Poe will conquer the wolrd
Yes it will be good if you finish sucking Smile Wink
the only way of winning this game is to have all regions conquesred by ONE country (whole map in one colour) and securing them that long, to cancel all elections etc... what you are doing is just winning some battles, nothing special in such squad to be honest, but good luck in your way of winning... I am happy Poland is your first target, as a 5-10 people country, I feel as we were very special Laugh
All this is nice, the only problem is that there will be no balance, there will be no interesting wars. Generally the biggest problem on the server is that alliances and partnerships change overnight from the beginning of the server. I have no intention of complaining, just telling the real situation what happens after this. Of course you are aware that this is true, the game will now be a farm game. A lot players will have nowhere to spend energy bars and weapons. And this is how few players are on the server, and as time goes on it is likely that many players will leave because it will be boring, generally everyone will be in a 2 click.
lmaoo I love it how drethgar is so proud in creating such an alliance (its not hard tbh to get strongest countries together and win the battles lol) ... this way you are only losing the game not winning it Wink it must feel good farming now since there will be no more wars Laugh
Killing the game uhh , not cool my dear Bulgaria , we dont need this shit to destroy SA xD we will have prosperity anyways Cheeky , we already did it with france mexico and peru helping SA Wink
and as always the stronger countrys have to take care of the peruvian-mexican deadlift Laugh as always pathetic
Bulgarians dont say anymore u people shit the game you traitors BG WILL BE THE FCK TRAITOR OF THIS GAME IN HISTORY
this was surprise
P.O.O.P πŸ’©
While waiting for the aftermath, let s have some fun. Good start o7