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Published in France - Warfare analysis - 19 Jan 2020 16:03 - 20

This article is made mostly to close a few mouths.
As you know, the creation of PoE was announced, the comments against this alliance were not lacking, saying that we had 70% of the power of the game.
Here you will see how your comment is totally wrong.

Let's calculate the power of both sides.

As you can see, we do not collect even 50% of world power.
So stop crying and better fight in your battles, right?

Here it is in DAMAGE in the same way :)

Good luck to you all.
See you on the battlefield.



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Getting all more strong countries on the game to know who have more power and we see who cried when u dont have ally BG and when u have ally BG now u eating sh*t
Ragnarok, you don t have permission to comment, you re just a farmer, who begs for weapons from anywhere Laugh
First of all its called land power not dmg lol second make some calculations on dmg too... also add your puppets too like mkd or ireland Laugh
Thats how you calculate things
Jorgegaming i know you what begger you are that u twerk for getting weps noob Laugh
@Serxhio, where did I say it was damage? I m surprised that you know how to do multis to fill your country but you don t know how to read. | @Kvii how is your failed project in Germany? Still failing just like you? | @Buldozer I invite you to calculate it Smile | @Ragnarok so I would ask for weapons if I produce enough ??, go to hurt elsewhere please Smile
Kurvgaming23 u talk now that u get back your regions with your POE sh*ters when u was without ally u cried and act like a b*tch
Could you post link to battle/battle s on witch you ve based calculations and explain method of calculating WORLD DMG?
Bro, your article is lame as shi*. First you added few countries to us, but didn t add your pro countries. Second you are looking at wrong charts + using this chart when FRONT was hitting more then ever. Go kill yourself, you can t ever wash your hands from killing game and making overpowered alliance. If you consider that as win, go play minecraft.
@Serxhio There it is in DAMAGE so that they see that it gives almost the same. | @Ragnarok I love to see how when you no longer have valid arguments, you turn to insult, show the little brain you have Smile | @Mehel all data is at | @Rodjo, why kill me if I better go to Croatia to kill all your people Smile It really makes me laugh like the lack of arguments resort to insults jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja
clear overpower , give this retard a brain please
Laugh Laugh Laugh noober of all time kurvegaming23 will be forever and the best failers of the articles its kurvegaming23 congratulations!!!
Delete SA and Pt froum our side and add Romania, Macedonia to your side and then make calculations. This is going besided every lit. Einstein had right only humand stupidity and universe are limitless.
That s right @Rodjo, Einstein is right about it, and I congratulate you because your idiocy has no limit and I invite you to do your accounts, I will not be your servant, for that you already have your multis | @Fikip if I have a brain, and thank God it s better than yours Smile | @Ragnarok already go to sleep boy, that tomorrow you have school
Lol noob Germany not faild Laugh you dont understand why but if you dont have 3x100 country this dont means that failed.. Germany (ppl who were in Germany) never sucking others and dont give up Smile Germany was great project for me and you can ask anyone who had our cs about it.. But again maybe you dont understand what about im talking
hahahhahahhahahahhaha gj botxico Wink
hahhahahahah lol
Why delete SA from your side? and the PTOed PT? Why add Romania on our side how is romania an ally of us? they are shooting daily tons of damage in USA rws