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I lied in Title... its actually a bit funny so I decided to publish this really appropriate and very good analyzed data :) Enjoy!

Since after publishing quotes were removed - I will tell you shocking news - all numbers are fake and noone analyzes that kind of data (yes, I think admins too dont do that) - so this article is joke!


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Vi al admin pegando el otro dia.... :v
Que ? ko tu tur dils savā valodiņā ?
Respect bots 😁
sad but true!
Xq no lo hace tu te aprovechas o crees que nadie sabe de esas cuentas..
Lol 69 îs a good number. Vote!
Good job,bots! Smile)
You deserve my Bot sponsorship! Laugh
Sólo 69 % me parece que es más. XD