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First of all i wanna say helllo to all my friends and ally,and also thanks to Rodjoo because he decide to give me his throne. This is my third time as CP ( I was cp of Taiwan and Saudi Arabia). I will not too much write in this article. I just wanna say that Croatia will always be with their true friends( they know who are they),and we will fight until our last ED to help our friends and also for our Country.  We are open for any negoatians and all deals. If you have any other questions you can pm me or any member of my goverment.
Also one important note:,width=378,height=378,appearanceId=2,backgroundColor=F2F2F2,version=1560919613/troll-mode-off-gifts-bandana.jpg

As the picture says,from this moment I am stopping with all my trolling.I do same thing when i was cp of Taiwan ( in that time i was in HQ  of alliance).

CP of Slavia Union( Croatia and Slovenia)



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My god...a troll CP of Croatia, GG.
Nope bro.Troll mode is off.Let s make some serious job
F... that I didn t vote for u
Hmm now we turn on troll mode noob Cheeky