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Hello, everyone .

New attempt to publish the article !

Yesterday the admin delete my article. Also he delete the article on around 10 other bg players . He said there were a picture with his personal chat inside. So we are gonna post the same article but without the picture this time

 I get into the game yesterday and get this message from admin.

Yesterday,some multies were sending me weapons, then it turned out that they were sending
other people, after I shared in our discord. We decided that there were still
some subtle numbers from someone in order to be banned or punished, today we
get a message that if we do not return them there will be a penalty. What guilt
do I or the other guys have that some multies are sending their stuff? Make up
the game, it s not my fault that it s allowed to donate items.

I get a lot of notifications every day because I play in the monetary market .. most of them I don t review, I don t have to follow those notices and the admin writes that I m going to get ban because someone sent me something. You re the admin for that, take things away from the players after they ve received them from such multies, or just remove the donate button or make new accs unable to send, a bunch of options, but it s silly to threaten players, that they will be banned for not having done your job

I have another question for the admin, why is this doublestandard in the game, for some people there are rules, for others there is not.
There were a couple of banned from Bulgaria some time ago and the boys stopped
playing, we couldn t convince for them to continue. At the same time, Harisharko
had one period with one tragedy in which he was inactive, and he gave a account
sitter to another player. How does this number work? Only we know that he plays
with almost all accounts in SA.

The other thing is, this profile  https://www.erev2.com/en/profile/1566 is a friend of mine has been in erev1, we have been playing with it ever since the creation of such similar games, there
was a period in which we could not he was playing and he was watching, it was written by his profile in the global chat that Chris is an admin (this will   https://www.erev2.com/en/profile/1790  we will pay attention to him in a little while) and then he was permaban for one comment, without warning, without doing anything. Harishrko had recently written an article insulting a Bulgarian player, and in general his articles are always on the subject of insult and provocation towards Bulgaria, I do not blame him, but simply his mentality is one of such ...stupid and racist. Punishment for him? no .. he plays with a bunch of accs, he does what he wants .. the admin closes his eyes.

As forthe Chris s acc in question, which is already under a different name. it was
bought from Harisharko and he currently being play with it, as far as we are
aware of the rules it is forbidden to sell accs, but obviously for some people
it is not .. Those facts and examples show out for the double standard of
admin. .... but why is this way? My dear admin can you answer please?

In the article we are talking about 2 problems so make the difference! The first one is about some multi accounts that are sending items around. And the second one is about our Admin who doesn t treat the players equally.



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since my last comment get deleted with your article, to make it short just like your brain and your ideas. you are just crybaby and you eat from plate in which you pooped, and your mouth is full of that. what is with pic and espor accounts ? crying when you got deleted ? boycot 1 ? boycot 2 ? boycot 3 ? talking about double standards from bulgarians .. you must be really idiot when you place that on table. and admin sent you msg didnt punished you even he wrote he wont send msgs ... you are crap. i know i will get this comment deleted because you are gonna report me but you are crap talking about craps. wake up 3rd gender countryman !!! that is why is your country in RL crap because you all use your mouth for shiting and you use your head only for d... everything and everybody is always against you but you are your worst enemy.. you stole 2 minutes of my life because you are tard fffs
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I think we need to allow multies. Look, in coming decades robotics will destroy some of the jobs but also create jobs in other sectors of economy. So, why not having legal account type `robot worker` with limited functions - work, fight and serve in various ways, except elections and other citizen rights. Those who will be able to manage robot force effectively - shall succeed, which is absolutely normal. Admin, please consider.
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Cries. Only cries. Admin killed you or what?
my dear admin - Alexei Stukov
Stupid and unfair admin, stupid and unfair game! We need to leave all the game we are normal players so let only the crooks and thieves play, the admin and his unjust team of moderators!