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Two day ago, Every body upgraded his TG 2
and the suprise was this announcement:

so most of the peaple start calculating the possibility to up tg3

and the result was:

10 day is very short time to get 70 gold!
We Need More Time!  We dont want this game to be Pay To Win! 

some player wrote and signed a petition to postpone the date of upgrading:

Generally Admins don't respond quickly  to player demands, maybe not even read it, but in this Game we have SuperAdmins that respondes in less then 24 Hours:

The little problem is that in their response they just said:


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ahahahahhahaha, wtf!!!
😂😂😂😂 v2 s102
Indeed, 10 days are not enough, even close to enough for regular players.
soap opera people complaining about shitty admins admins not giving a single fuck people continue to pay ... repeat
s105 v13
Hail Mastercard
Admins really really need real money
Hail visa
Visa powe
As always. Nobody will hear you. This and all games created for gain money from peoples and no one will care about others.
😂 issou
you got cucked :kek: