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Mission 9: Expert Trader
By using marketplace you can get your hands on products at great prices. Buy 300 products of any type and quality on marketplace.

Prize: +15 exp and +2000 storage

How To

1.One of us put on market 300 food material (0.001 IEP per item)
2. Another of us buy these items for 0.3 IEP
3. Mission complete :D
4. (optional) Buyer send to Seller food material and seller send 0.3 IEP to buyer. Buyer lose few coins :D

I have 300 food material and my offer is:

1. I put on market these items
2. You (one of Ireland players :D) buy them for 0.3 IEP
3. You put on market same items
4. I buy for 3 IEP

Me and YOU get the Prize :D

Who want to be YOU? :D


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