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 Yesterday the battle for Upper Egypt began and today at noon it ended https://www.erev2.com/bg/battlefield/13184/1  . I want to tell you about the battle, but before that I put something else in it.

Two days ago I was banned for 24 hours by the admin for insulting him in the game. After that, we wrote a little in the discord and asked him how long his double standard would last, how long certain players and countries would tolerate (which I personally don t think is right and that refuses the players and kills the game). such a thing. My second question is why no action is taken on the multi-account issue in Saudi Arabia, his answer was that there are no multi accounts there and everything is completely legal.

We all know that there are multi accounts and that Harisharko plays them, we all know that in every country where there are more than 20 active players there are multi accounts (even if it is 1). The option to have a sitter and the ability to play 2 accounts from one IP (at least before you could, now I don t know and I m not sure if there is still one, since I only play with 1 account) shows that there is and is allowed to play multi accounts.

It is interesting how only the administrator does not understand that there are multiple accounts in Saudi Arabia.To note the other fact that has happened in recent weeks.

Our alliance declared war on the Front, the Croats were wiped out, Poland was wiped out, Hungary lost regions, Albania was and continues to be wiped out, all countries lost pretty much, to such an extent that there was no front country with any region other than the original one. A campaign has been launched against the POE and clearing and reducing accounts (multi accounts, I don t know if they are). of the union were banning temporarily, which then forced them to give up.
The campaign of the admin to reduce the power of the POA has made the game die, players are being abandoned every day, and not only now, but for a long time there are no new players, there will be none!
We can only congratulate him on his job well done, right Front and especially the Albanians roared for 2 weeks that there is no balance in the game ... there are already, ban multies of some, and for others you close your eyes ... It is actually there are no multi accounts in Saudi Arabia, right admin?

So let s get to the fight today, after fixing the server last night and now it was playable, Harisharko gathered his strength to play multi accounts, there were 40 people online by checking out the online players, you can see who are online and who doesn t, there is something like a glitch or a delay in being online. I don t know what time it is, but shortly after leaving the game it shows that you are online for a few more minutes ... So, last night, about 40 multi-account lines were collected and clicking on one of the lower accounts and showing you, it was out of line and so was half (clearly like 2 and 2 = 4 that Harisharko is currently turning accounts). from last night beats in the battle of upper egypt, enters with one account hits how much energy, sick, temporary bars whatever it has and exits and so with all its accounts. Today I have been at work since 6 o clock in the morning and went in and cast one eye on the battle. FROM 6AM TO THE END OF THE BATTLE (I looked at it about 10-15 times, watched the following, one hit hits a few hits, then another, then a third (in this case it might have been number 45 ... I don t know ) and so on until he has them all. Two accounts to hit at the same time? This can not be seen almost never (of course, except that there are players who are real (Albanians, several Bosnians and others like them ..) but 90 % are multi accounts

Of course, this fact does not in any way prove that there are multiple accounts in Saudi Arabia, right admin? Multiple accounts there, never!

At the end of the battle, there were about 5-6 people in Saudi Arabia today trying to win. Well, they didn t win.

From here https://erev2tools.com/battle.php?battleid=13184 you can see battle statistics. In order not to trouble you and make it easy for you, I will give you accurate information about what happened.

Total Players: 261
From Saudi Arabia 174 people participated, sorry 174 accounts! By the end of the battle, there were 6 people on the line most of the day for 10 to 15 people on the line, and up to 174?

Clearly, there are no multi accounts there!?!?

Two questions

The first to the admin. I will ask you again, because I know that you will not answer the question, because there is nothing to answer me, but I will still ask, because there is nothing in the discord because I am ban after I asked you 3-4 questions and did not know what to answer me. Are you sure there are no multi accounts in Saudi Arabia?

And the second question is to Harisharko, how much do you have to be stuck and asocial to spend time in this game and play all your multi accounts all day? Dude you play over 100 accounts, you spend over 5-6 hours a day just spinning them unless you use some program or cheats ...

And then tell me about balance and fairplay? lol you are funny.

                                                                                            GAME IS DEAD ! RIP ...


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Just noobs like you need 4 or 5 hours
Hahahahahahahaha omg you are so sick and delusional 😂
BiG Serxhio, Harisharko s multi Laugh
This guy is obsesed by SA and Me haha
Just give the admin a little more euro and he will turn a blind eye to your multi accounts
I just want to see harisharko house donation to his multies 😄
Е ти как виждаш от 150 ацц-та да пише 1 по 1 и дс търси къщи ? Много по лесно е да ги купи на един път и да ги раздаде . Но и това админа не го вижда ... още малко живот остана на тази игра
Lool again cry playres bulgarija 😭😭 admin pls ban som multi in Bulgarija 😁
I love the comment of Harisharko mocking attila about that he needs less time to do the rotation of his multy accsSmile Saudi arabia is the only country with 4 MUs full to capacity 40 players everywhere else ppl make their own mus and stuff cause their humans XD The multy problem in SA is so obvius someone must be blind not to see it and the worse is not the fighting The worse is that i bet all these accounts work for the few bought accounts with companies and his own account I bet those 160 accounts in the 4 SA mus work all either in Harisharko or Chris account for production This is the biggest steal cause rest of us have to pay huge salaries just to get some workers and never enough to cover our daily spents
Cry cry
I am not the one to cry Smile i dont pay a single euro i dont spent the time you spend moving acc to acc and still i have 3x100 and my allies too and ya can barely move out of coresSmile
riiiiiiing riiiiiiiiiiiing riiiiiing X: Hello Y: Hello, is it idiot at home X: xAtilaBGx, phone for you answer it
Ik you are a parasite who steals from his country and try to sell his Friends and his country. 😉
160 is not enough haha
Game over,....
log out !!
I won you didnt i tho Harisharko we crushed fronted wiped 4/7 took all bonus from you for the fun of it so no matter the money you pay you still are below me and always will be even if you buy the whole gameWink