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Game Rules? Who cares?

As you could see USA set NE to France you may ask why they did it. Aren t they allies?
NE from wiki


But there is a bug that if  you fighting for country that is your natural enemy you get +10% bonus damage
So USA gov exploit it and they even bragged about it in global chat


And admins did nothing, bug still works.

So since admin don t cares I have other bug for you to exploit because why not


If you complete this mission with gold you will have next mission completed without doing anything


I don t know how it works but sometimes it give you a prize and sometimes don t and resets the mission


I don t know if this matter but if  you click completed immediately, it did not work but  if you wait 2-3 days and click it mission should pass and give you rewards. Or you need a one referral link friend with 30 lvl. Or is random.

If admins don t care why we should, if you have any other bugs you can share with us so we can use them.


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WTF Laugh
The same is for DO. It doesnt matter for witch side you fght. Wink
Also there is another bug. With NE law doesnt start free war. Can not attack other country.
Everything is fine as long as Haris keeps paying them...
It is funny though how easily some people get triggered and start their propaganda... The ex Croatian CP said that it was expected from us to do this to France, although he was an active player (if you are the CP of a country, de facto you are active) and didn t know about the bug that many people have talked about for like so much time! Those political mentors do not know what is happening on this game! Btw where is guy Nesaloniv or something like that who was also complaining about the game s balance?
How is it a bug? Maybe the Game is setup to do more DMG to your NE. Perhaps that s on both sides. Until there is a statement made from the DEV s you should assume that it s legit. However the bug about paying Gold is a actual bug. . . Sometimes some of you don t use your heads to think and that scares me. Because in real life you re allowed to vote... :S