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Published in Ireland - Social interactions and entertainment - 17 Oct 2018 08:38 - 5

I've been playing eRev on the first server for 6 months before I gave it up. I got bored. So, I saw the new server was announced and I decided to start again. And there I was with all the same people from server one. So, naturally, I wanted something new.

And then i saw this

It was at that moment, that I went


And now, here I am.
I want to thank all the people in Ireland for this warm welcome. I guess it's true what they say about Irish hospitality.
Now, to finish off this article. I would like you to enjoy in this beautiful rendition of the clic Irish song "Star of the County Down" by my IRL countrymen o7


Winston Hope Smith

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Great article Owl and love the song 😁 Subbed and voted.
Amazing article o7
Thank youu Smile
Now we got real FLOW! yes, welcome brother! o7