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As a beginning, I want to announce that BG and MKD leave the dead alliance POE and go to neutral. 

We had negotiations with The Front alliance and sign a peace. 
TF means The Front. The Front are the following countries: Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Hungary,Greece.

1..BG-MKD will not DW TF and TF will not DW them
2.BG-MKD will not fight on RWs of TF and TF will not fight in the RWs of BG-MKD
3.Bulgaria leaves Italy, MKD leaves Montenegrin coast and herzegovina and Serbia leaves East srpska republic region to MKD due to a mutual deal
4.A talk to be had between BG and SA to decide which regions of Iran will go where
5.BG-MKD cant fight vs TF via MPP and TF cant fight vs BG-MKD via MPPs
6.BG will not hold any region from Greece 
7.Whoever breaks this Nap will have to pay 1000 gold to the other
8.The Nap last till 10th of April 2020


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signed by Albanian Supreme Leader
Signed by Rex Croatorum
Signed by MoD of Macedonia
Signed by CP of Poland
Signed by MoD Croatia
Signed by SA Prime Minister o/
Let the Race to Paris and New York begin. Smile
Signed by Minister of Education of Bulgaria Cheeky
Signed by Prime Minster of Serbia
it will be nice if all countries make alliance and fight against usa...
POE is fake alliance !!!
Signed by me
Signed by cp of KSA
Signed by me o7
Signed by Hungary s President
Signed by Lord Papiga
Signed by me Cheeky
Signed by me xD
Don t touch IranWink