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Dear Players,

We are going to boost up our promotions from google ads to facebook, instagram and tik-tok. We are interested in your opinion, how could we be more efficient and what would bring new players into this game. There are a lot of offers for new players and they can grow rapidly but we are asking for your opinion, your vision and what you think we should change to bring new players and to make them stay in game.

In this following period, for all those who want to make BabyBoom we will help with all assets needed and asked from Administration team, really we offer you everything you need to bring new players to game, and we will prize you for every player or group of players you bring into game and we will help them grow with starter packs.

Also we need a team to receive those players who register in game to send them messages and answer all their questions, we are also offering fine rewards and items for your work, and we will listen to all your proposals. If you know how to do graphics and videos, we need someone who can work fast and good to help us improve our promotions. Someone who is playing a game has more visions and eye for details than someone outside.

IMPORTANT: Share with us your  thoughts, don’t forget that we are always giving fine rewards for your work.
Contact us on Admin account via message or send private message to me directly on Discord (Tovar#4172) if you are willing to work in a team which brings players in game.


Guys and girls, all players, please take care of yourself. In these almost desperate times there are special measures which have to be considered and done. Watch your hygiene, listen to your governments and don’t get sick. Most of us don’t take this seriously but we should. This is upon all of us, maybe mortality is not too high at this point, but we don’t need to get sick to evaluate the virus so we could take it more seriously. We wish that all of you and your families stay healthy.

For any questions, problems, suggestions, feedback, feel free to contact us via any of the official channels. You can use them also to inform yourself about news, maintenance schedule, updates and any other info regarding the game.
That’s it for now. Until some other time with more news, have fun and enjoy the game.

Sincere regards,


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pirinc o7
We all must help new players to be in game and lern to play
Need to help guyes with loot of infos about game
Who else will join the team? Smile
I am here to help.I will send you couple ideas. o7
Stay safe everyone
You dont have interest for the game anymore why you want New players
desinfect your tastature!!
Happy to see this from you, tovar
Need to make *click here* in game turtorial to direct new players with basics. I dont remember starter missions but you need to make it a lot to keep them busy first few days. With basic knowledge, at the end with turtorial, direct them on missions and let them enjoy. You need good strategy about those missions, i think tovar can do that very good. And for click turtorial you need programer, so Sekulla please get up and do that xD
Insert missions with good temporary rewards only for players below level 30. Introduce mentors who will communicate directly with each new player ...
Stay at home and play Erev2 Laugh
@coassss I d like to see a live chat option for these selected mentors.It is crucial that a new players attention is grabbed THE SECOND he enters the game.Nothing will do a better job that a live chat option - someone spaming him.You will get a response from that player for sure.
good wishes to all the players and their families, be healthy and help those who need help, good luck sisters and brothers...o7
nice o7
Pay some money to YouTubers, they are popular now. Pay him to review your game, and present it to his subscribers. It s sneaky move to do this when all kids and adults are in quarantine.
Make divisions, i know the ideea is not new but surely will bring some people here. Most of us play to be first to have victories and enjoy. This will highly motivate old players to bring friends/wives/dogs here.... Div 1 strenght 1-2000 1 point in overall div 2 str 2000-5000 2 3 str50000-10000 3 4 over 10k (dinosaurs) 5 If someone win div 1+2+3 win the battle the 5 need another div to win the game. Battle hero div 1= 2g . 2=3g. 3=4g 4=5g And a lot of other stuff, this will act like a NEW GAME for new players, deep strategy, now the strategy is quite scarce. Remove +50 TG
A new medal for players ( and money for Admin lol) daily hero, who give the most damage in a day ( 20gold prize and a nice decoration) , can be implemented with divisions,and i think not so hard to implement. Reward for those who log 30 days every day like a lunar mission who reset if miss a day , but with some prizes , not be greed here Admin lol
imam ideju al to kosta samo 300g Laugh
I m in a Erasmus project in Turkey and I m not sure if I have not been affected by the virus!!! Stay safe everyone and take care of you and your family! o7
stay strong Ariton
o7 take care
thank you Admin
stay safe everyone
Bring some checkpoints in game, it sucks to have same reward for lvl 10 and lvl 100. Some reward gesture at level 100 and more would be appreciated since we stayed this much.
pets doesnt transmit
Poland! o7
Im here for the gift
put lucky dice event