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To Turkey

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To all the Turkish people:

First of all, I present myself to all of you, I am Suke94, current MoFA of this great nation; I have a little experience in the field, since I came from being President of eMéxico, and on two occasions I acted as MoFA of that country and also as vMoFA.

Apart from introducing myself to the whole community, since I am really quite new here ... I would like to comment on the progress that we have had in this short time, progress that was made, thanks to the Presidency of eTurkey, the Prime Minister and all the government that always look for the best for everyone.

The war is over! As many will already know, peace has been signed with Georgia and an MPP that guarantees a new period of peace and friendship between the two States. In addition to this, we have managed to establish relations with Mexico, generating an MPP with the North American nation and we continue to seek to maintain good relations with our neighboring countries, old allies and also to make new allies.

In internal politics, I would like to invite you to participate ... I just passed the election to Congress, but they can still join any of the parties that are active in the country and compete for their errands and even to be a CP. Support the local economy, supporting the sale of products on the market at affordable prices, so that we can gradually heal the economy, and also, the Government will of course take action to support them. We want this new Turkey to be comfortable and sustainable for our entire community.

Hail Turkey!!!


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Grande! Eres un fichaje estrella Laugh We really would like you stay with us for longest time posible! Great job and article! o7 Luego nos tomamos un poquito de Mezcal para curar los viruses!
@Akhenaton Setepenra Nada de fichajes bomba, todos vamos a colaborar de a poco en lo que podamos. Y ya veremos, si logramos sacar adelante a este país, con gusto me quedaré un rato por acá.
Good luck o7