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Well this article will be short and simple, we will see the damage of the last 7 days:
1.- Countries Bulgaria, Romania, United States and France are countries that have NAP with TF 
2.- We can see the damage and that of the main countries of TF, we can see how a shitty Alliance tries to overcome one country Peru 



Well, you have to wonder why TF hates Peru so much, because the reasons are simple 
1.- Everything begins months ago in a tournament, TF decided to give priority to Albania instead of helping Peru to get good prizes, Peru left the Alliance for this reason, if it did not have support from its own Alliance and support to Albania a country that was not yet within the Alliance, that could wait for Peru in this Alliance
2.- After that TF declared war on Peru in several RWs, Peru did the same, TF did not like it, but they are the Heroes
3.- TF attacked France in a 3 vs 1, it seems that this Alliance full of rats, wanted to erase France (It was when several countries joined and did not let TF do what he wanted in the game, France an allied country was not going to let them erase it), but the shot went wrong, they ended up erasing Poland, Cryatia and Albania
4.- TF hates Peru, it s simple, Peru didn t want to do what they wanted, if you are not with TF you are against, that s how simple is the game of the rats 
5.- They complain that we helped to erase Cryatia, Poland and Albania, obviously it was a war of alliances, but they take advantage that Peru is alone, it is what the cowards and useless do
To finish, I wanted to talk with Piko Cp from Serbia for a NAP, because of the Crisis that exists in the World at the moment, I work in health so my time has become limited in the game, they just didn t want to, because they hate Peru, as Peru never listened to vermin like TF, that s why they hate Peru, unfortunately we are at a disadvantage
But I ll just say something, Peru will not go down in the lead, Peru will fight until the end, if you want to join this war come to Peru, it s better than being with rats like TF, who simply take the opportunity and attack a country in a 2 vs 1, but with a whole alliance of several countries, to want to erase one, if this does not prove that they are rats then, I ll just say that I feel sorry for them
PS: I am very grateful to Mexico for the help they have been giving us in Batallas o7


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And you are just a spanish pet
1. Albania has been in TF since the beginning Wink 2. You show very clear the face of Peru when you say that you ask TF to give priority to a country and not support the other one. ALL THE COUNTRIES IN TF ARE EQUAL. 3. TF didnt start fighting in your RWs just because you left alliance, the next day after leaving alliance Peru started fighting for Bulgaria
They just needed a reason for left bcs they are buyed from other big countrys.... Look at his text 15× use rats .... but he know that he is the rat ... and a Spanish pet
@Motorina, you are the pet of Russia Laugh
TF es una alianza de cobardes y el más cobarde es SA .. No puede solo y tiene que pedir ayuda a todos sus amigos y se creen fuertes. El único fuerte es Perú y nos tienen miedo
That is not full of True. TF dont want war inside of alliance and we didnt support Peru and Albania, we dont anything of that, but Peru ask us to choose a side. We dont want. I ask both side many times to stop with that.
You convinced me with rats and vermin. Lets not start talking about pigeons?
Simply this in its time was simple, for TF technically it was better to help Peru, they have better population, more assets, better damage and resources for the war and they decided to help Albania, you know that it was this way they chose Albania over Peru, because there were wars where Tf hit Albanian Benefit
@valuk the pigeons even though they eat the worms XD
Perú cry less
albania wasnt member of TF at start peru was XD Albania was made core member after Peru left so TF at that point had choses to help a non member over a member thats what peru says
jajaja Que valientes firman pacto con BG y USA para poder venir todos juntos contra Perú … eso solo tiene un nombre cobardes.
Otis Redding When this happened Albania was not yet part of TF, it entered after Peru left, that s why Peru got upset with TF, because they decided to help them instead of Peru which was part of their alliance the event announced by the administrator https://www.erev2.com/en/article/5088 TF article https://www.erev2.com/en/article/5159 results https://www.erev2.com/en/article/5256 and in this last article the person who wrote it considered Albania a friend only, it was not yet an official member of TF, which happened after the departure from Peru, TF gave importance to a friend in quotes that a country within its Alliance, the worst thing is that they deny
Kirito I think than and also think now. War between Peru an Albania is stupid. Both side behave like a kid. I dont want to choose a side and that is why Peru be mad and left the Alliance. We didnt support Albania but also we didnt support and Peru too. We want to stop war beetween both side but both side is very very stubborn.
Otis as.I said at that time if Tf had helped Peru there would have been no problem, we wanted to gain resources to be able to help our allies in the wars, but TF preferred a friend, than a country within their Alliance, how.you don t want me to get angry when I see that attitude?
plači mali plači,ostade mi ti u drači...
I remmember how our old allies left us alone one by one when we were in war as TF vs Bulgaria and US. France, Mexiko, Peru and etc. You left cos times were bad, your bonuses were threatened and thats your choise. In my opinion cowardly one and from that time when you showed your trustworthy i can care less of your situation, so get towel and continue your crying.
Lmao the support that they were asking from the alliance was not to help them but instead to stop helping another country lol the alliance was helping noth countries, dont be sad that Albania was better than you at organizing Training Wars Wink and for your info Alb has been invited since the beginning of alliance, I have had access on alliance channel but we chose not to put alb flag on public articles and things like that. But we have always been there fighting for alliance prios Wink so it was so stupid from your side and really childish to ask alliance stop supporting their members. Why did you ask to stop supporting Albania and even fight against Albania but you didnt ask them to open more TWs for you instead? Why did you put a stupid condition like “them or us”? And why did you start fighting for BG right after you left alliance? You clearly show that you dont respect your allies, you dont have friends, only interests. Everyone knows Peru, how they change sides everytime the wind blows. Kiss kiss
Okay, I never knew Albania was with TF until after they made it official, so you can just swallow your lies.
it was never made official lol, there is not any article that Albania joins TF xD
Iran lost his community when we asked several times for Help from peru, and now its time to be punished for leaving allies alone against enemies. Bulgaria was fighting 3v1 on their core while you were fighting just in ur RWs without enemy. Keep Calm and enjoy wipe situation.
Now i am understand why there is no more incas 🤣