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Hello eEveryone , today our topic is a bit serious. Humanity passes the most strict rules after World War 2 like, not going out of out houses. We are not allowed to go out without a reason.  This should be done in order for COVID-19 not to be transmitted. We are in a kind of a war with an unseen enemy. People with health problems are in danger . Heavy smokers are in danger also because of their lungs which are in a bad condition. Also I have done research on that. So , Heavy smokers have Increased receptors for Lung diseases which is really sad. In order for a virus to be transmitted to a person there are specific receptors which are increased on smokers on the region of the lungs. Enough with science , let s get back to our main point ! 

Personally , I would like to tell to Admin that He needs to help us in his way in this difficult situation  ! He has to somehow make a #StayAtHome challenge with prizes or to bring back the quiz or a challenge in which we can spend a bit from our time during staying home. If we vote up this article we can let him know that we need his help , and trust me He is a kind of a guy that He will do what the players need for the game ! 

Stay safe people. Wash your hands lots of times and if you touch something don t put your fingers on the region of nose and mouth because that s how the virus is transmitted. See you ingame ! 

Vote The article In Order For The Admin To Check It ! 


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Comments (27)

Good point, Imo quiz is a great way to get some rewards and learn new things o7
Yes you are correct. I learned some capitals of countries and some nice interesting facts Laugh
Will be nice.
The QUIZ is not a good solution in this situation... It lasts a short time and what then ?!
quiz is a good idea I think
Atleast you spend time on that and you are learning new things. About the food.It s okey for us not to hit 2000 times per day but to spend some time in the game.. Random people selling food in all chat during the day though ! Laugh
You can watch the only remaining football league in Europe.
just put better rewards in pirate box i guess.
put lucky dice event atleast
any kind of fun event would be nice
very nice
good idea Wink
Add x2 or x3 energy and after 200 kills next 100 kills reward 500 energy and 50 q1-q3 weps
C-VIRUS PACK now!!!!
Votado o7
millions of games out there, why would I want to spend more time on this copy paste game
Jaja No mamar que es neto este artículo 😂😂😂
so funny, you take your case as a general one, not everybody is isolated. I still work every day.
Sorry my friend but general is something which is followed by a big percentage of people, So if we add kids , elders , students , and people not working in supermarkets and businesses that are not open, these all add up and form a general opinion about the situation. And you can see Images all over the planet with empty streets which are never empty. Laugh
no prob, even if we are isolated or not (on my 4 friends which play erev2 it s half half about work) but as i think most of the player are young and western or iranian you re probably right. but I m old I have a family. even if I was isolated then I can not spend too much time on game. We have already got some big event recently with twice speed during a long time and mission etc... I personnally think that a little rest is good too. If isolation is hard for you then do some FPS or E-sport to spend your energy or some diablo-like to spend your time it is more efficient.