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To all new players
Hello and welcome to erev2 
Here is little video that will show you first steps in this game 

Also if you need some food,house  just send me message and i will send it to you. For players who are planning to be active they will get free starter pack.
If you have any other question you can ask me any time.  In few days i will publish new video that will also help you in game.
Best regards,and enjoy in game

P.S  Boobs is little tradition in games like this,so here is some boobs.


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The detailed guide made by Boikov It is in bulgarian but still very helpful, which reminds me someone may try to make english version and it along with the video can be bound to any new players starting the game - thought for admin o7
najs bobe
Little tomorrow je tacno, a ovo treba da bude Short Video... Wink
thanks for boobs ^^
( , )( , )
I am so glad I was able to spectate you shooting against Peru from multy
Siso jedna
my boobs better
Wrong. Store - Gold - Starter Pack - See more - 9.9EUR - Buy
More boobs plz 😄