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Here you will find information on how to best and quickly expand your account

1. What are the main actions that I need to take every day at the beginning?

First of all, to succeed and quickly, you need to do some basic tasks, such as:

Exercise daily - the more you train, the more power you will have, and the more strength you will have, the more damage you will fight

Fight every day - unlike training and work, you can participate in battles almost constantly. Try to participate as often as possible.

Perform the daily task of your unit - from it you will receive 5 RPG and 1 energy bar per day.

Works every day - work for your employer and yourself in your companies. The more you work, the more finances and products you have.

Take rewards from Pirates Daily.

2. What not to do?

Don t buy Hospital Factory and Defense System.
Don t buy Raw Companies for CC(Current Currency) only for gold.
Don t buy Special Items from Store.
Don t upgrade Strategic buildings.(At the beginning of course)
Don t upgrade your Training grounds. (You get boost to your strength additional 50 strength for every training(at the time I wrote this boost works up to 12k strength) and on maximum upgraded Training grounds we get 25 strength per training.
Don t travel.

3.How do I earn more gold / money / products?

Working every day guarantees you a pretty good profit in currency. A currency you can convert to gold in the foreign exchange market. You will additionally receive 5 gold and a medal when you make 30 working days.

Fight in the beginning Fight only for your country and its allies.Thus you will make progress in the medals - True Patriot and True ally.Every time you win a medal you will also earn 5 gold.The third battle medal - A true revolutionary left it for a while further accumulating weapons, energy bars, and possibly a bomb from some mission or event. Getting involved in these battles in the first place is simply unprofitable for you, as each trip to that battle will cost you 40 currencies and 40 more currencies. to come back.

Invite your friends, acquaintances or anyone. Use your referral link to invite them and you will receive 10% of every gold they earn.

You are a new player and extremely valuable to the country. Ask more experienced players for food and house help.

4.What should I invest in my gold?

Build Raw Companies for 35 gold and sell products in market. Admin made Monetary Market available from 30 lvl. 



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Translated tutorial from Boikov: https://www.erev2.com/bg/article/3118
This is good.