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Here you will find information about fighting

To fight you can do it 2 ways
First (preferable). Fight in your Military Unit order.
If you are not in Military Unit go here:


And from list of the Military Units choose one who is from your country or ask people from your country to which MU(Military Unit) you should join.

Or Second way by clicking Battles

And now you have a list of ongoing battles


1. List of battles that your country and allies are involved. Fighting in this battles you can gain True Patriot(TP) and True Ally(TA) medals.
2. List of battles that your country or your allies are not involved(except Resistance Wars).  So you have to travel to this regions or countries to be able to fight here.
3. This badge means it is Resistance War(RW). Fighting in RW side you can earn True Revolutionary(TR).
4. It shows percentage of damage dealt by each side
5. Time to the end of the battle.
6. Shows which region this fight is for

when you enter the fight


1. Damage you dealt in this battle

2. Here you have things like hospital(you can use it only once per day and it recovery 100/200/300/400/500 energy depends on quality) but it has to be installed in your region to be able to use it. Or you have Energy Bars(one recovery 100 energy)

3. Here you can use things that boost your damage and Hyper Bar.

4. Shows your Military Rank and progress to the next one.

Blue color means Attacking side(Left) 
Red color means Defending side(Right)



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