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Yesterday the Presidency of eTurkey announced the investment that has been made, derived from the entry of eGeorgia s regional income and taxes, recalling the last few reductions in support of producers and the local economy. This since some citizens have doubts about the investment of public revenues.

The capital obtained in the signing of the new MPP agreements was invested and the TYR exchange rate has been maintained since 0.012. Additionally, the Presidency is supporting the local economy with everything, since all the gold is being converted into CC to keep the domestic market afloat.

As a new and restored state, the Presidency is doing its best to rescue the economy. The Presidency maintains its commitment to the country and with pleasure, if someone requires it, detailed data can be given on each expenditure.

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country, we endorse the commitment to our entire country and fully support the actions of the Presidency, which have been debated within the Cabinet for the development of the country. 

If anyone has doubts, they can approach me or the President, for any situation, even, for any opinion, recommendation or initiative, believe me they will all be taken into account.


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