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It s for you BLA(You owe me 20g for this).

I never did any warfare analysis because I though it was useless. If you want see just check the battles links and you have the numbers there. But fuck it, free content maybe someone endorse article with 25cc (Green) #profit.

I assume that BLA wants it because lately we have some good battles or epic like some people call it.

First battle
Region: Eastern Macedonia
Battle ID: 14764
Greece vs FYROM


FYROM won with a big advantage of damage. But let s go deeper into this since this should be an analysis.


Now we can see that FYROM get a little help from other countries such as Mexico, Georgia, Ukraine... and Bulgaria. Still we should look deeper why Greece collapse and to do that I will use erev2tools.


According to erev2tools Greece and FYROM have similar strength. 10th and 11th place respectively.
So what s happen? Well Bulgaria happen easy as that.


160 more active players than Greece, with FYROM it goes to 214 more active players.

Here analysis ends but I just want to ask Drethgar since you are 2 click for 6 months now(Last ride) you even did second article to confirm you are 2 click(USA-Panzer Time to end) how do you do 7,5k, 8k, 6,5k hits with only 2 clicks? For me making 5k hits takes a lot of time so if you could share with us about your secret we would be grateful.

Ok let s make one more analysis

Region: Mid Andes
Battle ID: 14831
Harisharko s multies vs Peru


As you can see close fight with big damage.


Peru the highest damage but Harisharko s multies were fighting vs DS q5
The erev2tools analysis


Peru has 97 more active players.

But seriously you don t need an analysis to know that Peru was gangbanged by The Front, but only Harisharko s multies were penetrating the hole rest of TF was happy just with BJ.

We may have epic battles but we also have one sided wars.
That s why doing warfare analysis doesn t make sense because we have clear winners on one side and people crying about stoping playing the game on the other side.

PS.: Crying doesn t work Bulgaria tried it TF tried it too and now Peru starting doing it, btw if you are afraid to be wiped in online game then why you even playing.


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Good analysis, funny also Smile
Very good 😄😄 thanks a lot o7 btw there was more epic battle for the region Macedonia, add it. This for drethgar and hari s multies makes me cry with laugh 😂😂😂
After this analysis we find out that Haris has multi in Serbia, USA, Croatia and Loland also Laugh
https://www.erev2.com/en/battlefield/14814/1 Win macedonia Laugh
Those multis are so strong damn. Laugh
So much damage in single battle, its insane
I am Harisharkos multi Laugh
i do all evenst fully heroisv XD Also i did all lucky wheels fully imagine i still have 1800 health and i will have for a month more cause i took the +400 building every day The trick is in the gold and the 12 q6 wep factories
All bulgarian must be shame. Nothing else. peruvian doesn t know him. Bulgarian did same in there history in ottomans like all balkans country. Lived 500 years in peace in ottoman lands after stabed him behind Wink
Ai hodi se hvarli ot mosta we palqk
peru only multies , no honor , no people , only cheat , blind admin Laugh
Fikip te mordiste la lengua, wey
LoL dude i wasn t even shooting in that battle...and you should ask admin what do i have in my storage 🙃 Also you should ask him who owns me...
Peru Caca
Peru Caca X2 Xd
Write us in full name or dont write at all. UPOS
Lol V