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it was made by google.translate.com, fly you fools

Hello there my dear friends. Today is started new era in Japan. March was transition period. We grown, we get stronger. We got more soldiers, politicians and traders. Our market now filled with some products. And for short period but we had nice bonuses. I am proud of you, and i proud of my country.

While this is should be report for almost year, my message will be short. But first, ... adversting time!
Raid Shadow Legends RPG with grafx and

Join Japan, Join NOW!!!

I started rule in 04.2019 when country were under occupation. That were not hard times, but it wasnt good enough. Not great, not terrible. My story is not epic and dramatic. Its story about small country which want play. 
You know, every epic moment is happens somewhere but not here. 

I like to thought we were pain in the ass sometimes

And we also lose many many times. 


In my plans for march was launch farming simulator, but guess what? Mission failed 

I am step-down as ruler. But i am not retiring as soldier. I want to wish good luck new Japan, and i offer full of my support.
We worked hard, we will win! Nippon Banzai!

04.2019. CP by impeach Admin. Under full ocupation. My respect to South Korea o7
05.2019. CP by impeach Admin. Tournament time? Under full ocupation. My respect to USA o7
06.2019. CP by impeach Admin. Got two regions by NAP to keep calm and farm. 
07.2019. First CP elections, and first medal. Also burned all resources which I am farmed last two month. Without any profit. Just for idea
08.2019. CP by elections. And level-up on IRL job.
09.2019 - 12.2019. Vacation time o/ My respect to Kosingas o7
01.2019. CP by elections. Found MPP, takes care about about MPP and MM
02.2019. CP by elections. It is month of Panzer dismiss. We get more regions and more citizens. 
03.2019. I afk on elections. CP by impeach lol. Its rise of Japan. We fully recovered and face new enemy. My respect to Mexico. o7
04.2019. New Japan has born. Its your turn Velev.

Thank you my friends for you support. Thank you my enemies for makes sense in game. Thank you google translator for helping with this letter.
See ya on battlefield o/



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I like my dog with hat on third picture :3
GL Japan o7
о7 Japan will thrive
Join Japan, Join NOW !!!