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The forest, vivid home, built for only animals and plants.
It is in a perfect equilibrium, everything are consumed and nothing lost..
All creatures live after their  laws. The unwritten rules transmitted
from generation in generation. The strongest eat the weakest.
The forest have the sanitary animals which make cleaning.They eat the dead
creatures and transform them in energy.
In this perfect equilibrium the human interfered and changed everything.
He changed the forest in an ugly landscape.
The human cannot adapted in the  Nature that if he follows his interests.
The Nature shall demand her  rights and shell unleash and erase of her way everything.https://i.ibb.co/hHyp2Rd/IMG-20180410-140732.jpg




enjoy the eRevolution2


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Nice o7
Thank you o/
Nice article o7
Thank you o/
As nature lover and mountain hiker, this is like paradise for me.
This is the real important thing. Thank you! o7