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TF vs Peru

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This article is to clarify that Peru is more alone fighting against an Alliance, but TF only says that we deserve this, I think it s funny, because since TF has existed, remember that they attacked France in a 3 VS 1, that s Justice for them, After POE erased several countries from TF, the Alliance was disarmed and began its attack against Peru, claiming to be the defenders of justice, because that was a War of Alliances, But let s be honest, TF doesn t care about that at all, and that s how the 2 vs 1 attack started, but obviously having the support of all the countries of that Alliance that have from NE to Peru, but it s funny to me all this, because for them this is good, an Alliance made up of 6 or 7 countries, the truth is that I don t care about 1 country either, this is justice for them.

 Epic battle ( this is the important thing ) 
I honestly thought it was a very nice battle, while at the same time I was so excited ( the last time was the defense of the capital of France vs TF ), but let s make a little clarification:
1.- Peru vs an Alliance formed by (Serbia, SA, Hungary, Poland, Croatia) and USA? honestly this last one surprised me, I didn t know they were TF s Allies? 
2.- We can see the difference in Damage between an Alliance and a Single Country
3.- It s a terrible time for Peru, if it had been Our Prime it wouldn t have happened but of course (they don t have the balls for that) 
4.- The difference of Players in both Fronts, is absolutely overwhelming, but I remember that TF never fight equally and they like to attack countries when they are alone 
https://i.ibb.co/tKZc49z/Screenshot-3.pngWell honestly the article is not to talk about TF s supremacy, just an analysis.
I want to thank all the Peruvian players who helped in this battle, maybe we lost it, but it was epic, damn it was EPICO. Thanks to everyone who helped us, including Drethgar and Peaky Blinder, of course there are more players who contributed and that is a great show of love for Peru. 

To finish, I ll just say, this is the beginning of something bigger. 



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Comments (31)

Still waiting for them to save the game + some on USA were just rats, absent when their help was needed but present now!
But why is Peru alone?
So .... you gonna now prema wiped y little rat
nice multies
and BTW u made USA went Pro TF after u tried to steal their bonuses Laugh , fool
Cry me a river
I was waiting for article like this. Laugh Just few comments from me, I ll do it in short. 1) You really need to work on grammar brother. 2)Crying is not fun and doesn t suit you. (At least in my vision you should be kinda leader) 3)The damage was huge on both sides, but of course, you lack to mention ds5 on your side. 4)I agree that we won battle together with help of our allies, but that s the way game works. I am happy that we finally have good allies which we can trust. 5) You should question your lack of diplomacy and allies. 6)In the end, congrats on a good battle, it was fun, epic, close and I haven t seen vulgar or insulting words from your side, and both sides were congratulating their opponents. Being deleted is not big deal, Saudia was, Serbia and Bulgaria also. Its a game. The big deal is that we stayed in our countries and keep healthy in our communities. Let s see each other in next battles also.
Join Japan, Join ALL !!!
Laugh Saudi Arabia 303 player Laugh but 275 Saudi Multirabia
When you watch Bulgarians fighting against Greece, Albania and Serbia(really strong country) on our cores what you expect to become one day? You will still watch and farm in the whole game? Why you play war game? To have 3x100 and be only on winning side and fighting just in your RWs? You are very strange people, you even want Bulgaria to help you while we are at NAP and more strange thing - you want I to send people to get peruvian citizenship and fighting while we are at NAP with dirty things. You can call Drethgar only he is practicing that way. And btw, Drethgar is fighting against Harisharko, not for Peru( There is a little difference Wink ) I am not scared to say the truth, I am the new Bulgarian leader and I am going to show respect to all allies, enemies and alies. And I think its time to disband The Front because you are killing the game that way and its true, when u control more than a half world damage nobody cant do anything and it doesnt mean all countries who are not with you want to be together o7
@better look how much 1 day ago total war damage?????? How many times did u see 87 billion damage???? Lost 100m yes just 100m because of your noobs
@radovlje Sorry my grammar is not very good, I must improve that, the SD, is the least we could do, you realize that we are exceeded in damage and multies, still was a very good battle
@kirito I know that you gave everthing and went all in. Also i forgot to mention, regarding battle time, it was very early for us aswell, i remmember fighting from 6 AM with my friends/comrades on discord. That excitement, wall going up and down, dropping bombs, buying tanks, fight fight fight... Battle was great, lets just keep respect on both sides.
@radovljeOf course I m not saying that it wasn t, but you had everything going for you, the schedule was 2 am for me and I was leaving work in a hospital for 12 hours, I played all against it, but that s how wars are 07
@kirito Big respect for all hospital workers, especially now. Keep safe brother, this is just a game, safety first.
SA son cobardes.. no pueden solos tienen que firmar con BG y los cobardes de USA para venir todos juntos contra un solo país eso no tiene nada de valiente.
#TeamEris It was just crazy that amount of compromise from Peruvian players at 2:00am
I love how ppl that were crying about getting wiped and unbalance less than 2 months ago are now saying its ok to be wiped and stay honorable and stuff while they literally floud the wall with their tears a month or two ago. Also ill answer the question of why is Peru alone. 1) 80% of France quit game after admin ban half of em 2) Panzer left USA and Valuk that too USA after we left went for the pussy way of joining the other side in trade of his weap bonus 3)Mexico is trying to go unnoticed so everyone can forget about em and ofc 4) Bulgaria went their solo way abandoning any ties with Peru by saying that Peru never helped em and stuff like that .Also just to demolish the excuse of bulgarians that Peru never helped em the war vs Serbia was Bulgarias choice and they asked for it also they knew Peru was appointed to help France and USA in rest of Europe and even tho they knew all that and they were ok with it at the time they attacked Serbia while they KNEW that alliance could not spare much to help em. Ofc now bla pretends not to know or remember this and blames Peru for not helping. As for the Nap that BG signed please dont insult our intelligence EVERYONE in the game knew the moment BG signed that Nap that whole front will turn to Peru So by making that Nap you practicly surrendered Peru to The Front. All cool Smile I am waiting for the once last gangbang left to happen to close this game finally cause there is one gangbang literrally 90% of the game that aint bulgarian will happily take part
I think my friend has answered all the questions, or are there any other questions? I m sorry for the delay but I ve hardly been able to answer the comments
When france left and panzers left usa we left alone on the battlefield and then noone cares, im talking about this moment, they was 3 fronts and whole alliance + romania against us.... Whatever you sow, you will grow!
I dont get it... One day you, together with your aliance, having much more dmg all together, are deleting TF countries one after another and than all is fine, but now, when you might be deleted, than its not fair and stuff ike that... Really...? WTF...?
November karma is hitting you hard
U care about France? That was internal justice in TF and you ppl dont have anything comon with them
As Turkey government We told Peru to make peace with SA. This was an inevitable end
@jedimindtrick Are you really blind, my friend? One thing is an Alliance War between TF vs POE; currently there is another alliance, there is no other Alliance than TF in the game and it is only fair that a country is attacked by an Alliance?
hahah no peleen, es como entrar a una apuesta sabiendo que vas a perder, apostarías todo tu dinero?
Yo si apostaría... SA necesito a toda una alianza para borrarnos y les costo harto .. pero si hubiera sido Peru vs SA los desaparecíamos del juego ja.jaja
Q triste no entender nada :c
cry cry cry... is it time? Laugh
@Kirito, for me personally there is not much difference between fighting as several countries vs one country or an overpowered aliance vs much weaker aliance, this all comes to the same situation at the end... Stronger side wins, thats all... I just wanted to show my point of view, because when Poland was trying to fight vs USA in RWs, than seeing also Peru hitting hard on the other side was not something nice, but no one was claiming about it, we were just being defeted/deleted for some time... Things will change sooner or later, no worries, new resource map will give us all a fresh breth I suppose Smile