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Join Turkey! The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Turkish Presidency, welcome you and offer a pack to new citizens.

By obtaining Turkish citizenship, you will get:

-300 food Q3
-100 Q6 weapons 
-1 house Q2

These initial benefits will help stabilize the start of your stay in your new country ... In addition, you will be able to participate in national politics, aspire to be one of the best entrepreneurs nationwide and gradually grow in our eCommunity.

Join now and enjoy all the benefits we have for you!


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Comments (6)

I need cs
That s right, you apply for it and as soon as it is approved you are given support ... We are attracting new citizens
If u give reward for everyday i will think xd
They don t even reward me daily, but we re cool Laugh
jacq sen her gün vereceksen parti kur oy vereyim Laugh
bi kere veren herzaman verir ondan dedim Laugh