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Published in Czech Republic - First steps in eRevollution - 07 Oct 2018 04:39 - 12

            Hi everybody,

I would like to point out a big problem for small states and probably for larger states

Most players have no initial capital or visa cards for basic daily activities such as
military units, political organization, and basic factories

Please help
ordinary  players and small countries, because otherwise we have no prospect in this game :(

great greetings from Sar Bela's old player

sorry for bad english :/

P.S. VOTE  please all M

subscriptions if you wish thanks :)



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Every country have gold and cc...
@RCDE23 Yyes have gold in country treasury, but no military unit or political party We must we have to pay 40 + 40 - min 80 gold which we do not have :/
In some other games, provisional CP (until the first election) would be given a certain amount of gold to establish a party and MU, whereas the admins would open factories (for a few weeks/months, depending on a number of citizens in each country)
YES @LordMarlock just 12 MU in this moment for all world Sad
I am against that for lot s of reasons but my main reason is that this would help some people stealing treasuries of small countries ....
hail czechia!
Basic factories? You get gold from level ups. You get gold from TA. You get 100 FQ5 every day from admins. I agree that first MU/Party should be free, anything above that is IMO stretch. People will steal the gold or use it for their own profit rather than the countries.