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The Ministry of Foreign Relations, as well as the Presidency of the Republic invites you to sell your products on the national market.

We remind you that by selling your products in our market you contribute to revitalize local commerce and to revitalize the national economy.

Greater competition, means different and better prices, more buyers, means more income. Remember that we have one of the lowest taxes on work and we have adjusted the Minimum Wage seeking to help producers and their workers.

Together for the development of Turkey.


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Remember that we aim to increase bonuses as a government Wink
Puto el Suke94 o7
@Quetzalcoatl, ya te vas a jalar a Turquía, o te sigue dando miedo el éxito, bb 😏
Suke ponte a pulir casco no olvides llevar tus rodilleras
Que ofrecen en Turquía Suki En Mexico no soy bien recibido por el que se apropió del país por sus pelotas