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It is all about personal thoughts so you are free to skip this one.

It is been a year since I wrote an article in eRev because there was nothing excited but this new server shaped in a good way so far, although dear Gezi Park disagree with me I have hopes on it. I know that we all miss those old days which there was something to fight for. I see many old players here who achieved almost anything so I really dont know if there will ever be anything we are ambitious about. Unfortunately I have no time like I used to so I will not be involving -hopefully- in any political activity. 

I was questioning my choice of starting all over to the game and I logged in Discord today. I saw that there is a group created with all old bros and hoes (no offense ^^) I realized, even if we used to be so called enemies back then, we enjoyed it so much that we can now laugh about it and have fun. After all, isnt this all about? Maybe we wont have the opportunity to witness epic battles and enjoy the satisfaction of military actions but we can laugh about Legate, mock with Otari, middle finger petros? So I believe this new one is worth giving a shot to stay away from rl world and have some fun.

I see that alliances are already formed up. I already mentioned early in game that we shouldnt let USA-Serbia-Bulgaria together otherwise they will kick our a$$. That is how it gonna be now. I didnt have a chance to check out map but I believe there is not enough bonus for all those powerful countries so I expect re-shape in terms of alliances soon. Besides, will Galaico really stay ally with us?

About management of game, I dont know who are admins and who are moderators but there are people who were disliked in erev1 so their behavior will effect people whether they will stay/invite friends or not. I invited many friends here but I can say, at least half of people who didnt wanna join, mentioned game management and how they behaved in older game. I personally have hopes on them but lets see. I hope they will change timeline of STR building upgrades so we can witness their good faith. We used to complain a lot about how players always ignored by management, let this one be different.

I enjoy media module so hopefully I will be writing and reporting about stuff, if there is enough activity in game of course. Maybe I will join to another country to experience something different, issou? Last of all I must say you guys created of a community in USA and I envy you. Good luck there.




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Oooo Kemal de burdaymis. Hadi voteleyim bide sublayayim.
Ben de Naci Bey ile aynı görüşteyim.
o7 good old times
pertamaxxx baton has been passed all the way to erev2 ... so be it... EDEN PROPAGANDA
Kinyas never leave Turkey o7
Svslee was here.....
adam adam ismimi yazmış ünlü oldum. ama tutmucak kardeş üzgünüm. S4S