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Story inspired by Better look around


One day you meet someone and you know from beginning he will be your best friend forever


You spend with him a lot of time and care about him


But comes a day when everything changes and your bestie bite you in the back


You are shocked and you start to be threatening but he doesn t care


From now you know that you are cat person


So remember guys



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Comments (14)

This guy destroyed his country bonuses and surround by enemies. I love him Smile)
😂 Valyr, you can ask TF who made this 🙂 but one day u will be wiped not for 2 weeks and for 2 months ☺️
First was Espor that condemned Bg to be wiped with his actions Second destruction of BG will come cause of th new Espor Bla Wink
Drethgar, i have 2 words for u and first starts with F and the second with Y Smile how are you with ur friends which you insulted with RL and ingame things some weeks ago?
No one here have honour and respect each other, u are acting only dirty and safe. We succesfully punished Greece and Romania because of their agression against us and did nothing wrong to The Front but looks like they are butthurted or idk
Yes BLA You are an Angel in the middle of enemies... Keep dreaming...
is the ship sinking?
BLA bla bla bla ... this is only game
I m so unamused when it comes to commenting anything related to Bulgaria in these games.
Ye ye. We are guilty for everything in this game. Nobody cares about that you got 3 bonus regions with our permission and no problems, a few days ago we free kaliningrad and give it to you again Smile