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Hello everyone, it is time we come again with some of the latest news.

New Medal - LEVEL UP

29.4. we will add new medal called God of War.  Every time when player pass 100 levels, he will receive a special quest to solve. When he accomplishes that quest, he will receive a medal and other valuable prizes. Players who have already crossed the level needed for a medal will be able to complete missions in turn and receive rewards (when they complete a level 100 mission, they will unlock level 200 mission ,after they pass 200 mission,they will unlock lvl 300, etc.. )

Military Unit Tournament

Military Unit tournament will start at 29.04.2020 and it will end at 10.05.2020(lastday). Tournament will have 2 leader-boards counting damage of the Military Unit and other will count damage of Single Players. First 10 Players/MilitaryUnits will earn new medals on their profiles 11.05.2020 with rest of rewards. Military Units will be locked from 29.04., while Military units collect their prize from the gold mine, to 16.05.2020.
War of Nations

War of Nations tournament will be active from 29.04. to 24.05 (last day). Tournament involve all countries,so everyone can participate and gain points. We will just give you some short notes how does this event work: 
Countries will receive points based on their activity in the battlefield, and they will be given like this:
1 point - won a direct battle
2 points - a country liberates its region through Resistance War
-1 point - lost region through Resistance War
NOTE: in direct battles, 1 point is given only if the attacker wins it. If the defender wins it, no points are awarded.

The country that collects the most points in the end will receive a reward. In addition, all players who make more than 2000 hits during the tournament will receive a prize in Country section (First 10 Countries have rewards for all players in it)

Besides the top countries list, there will be a category for Top 10 international players with most overall hits, and top 3 players will receive a medal on their profile, we will also prize all players who make 4000 hits in event period. 
NOTE: Citizenship change will be disabled from 29.04. and it will be disabled until the end of the tournament.
Lucky Wheel

Lucky Wheel will be active for weekend 02.05-03.05 and 09.05.-10.05. Rules are simple like always, you have to win jackpot stars in order to receive jackpot. You have 12,5% chance to win jackpot star with every turn. When you win 3 jackpot stars you win first  jackpot prize, after that you have to earn another 3 jackpot stars for second reward(6 stars totally), and after that you need to earn 3 new jackpot stars for last jackpot rewards(9 stars totally). You can win only once per a day all jackpot rewards, after that you can turn wheel and win small rewards but not jackpot.
Lucky Dice

This event begins 29.04 and lasts until 18.05. Every day at Day change, a player will receive 2 dice which he/she can use in the event. Each field on the board contains a prize of some sort, and you will receive the one where your dice brings you. You can also receive dice in the battlefield, where you will have 7% chance per hit to receive additional dice. Another way to receive additional dice is by buying gold packs from the Store. After you collect all prizes from a board, it will reset and you will be able to collect the prizes again from the beginning.

X2 Energy Week

Double Speed energy recovery will be active from 04.05. to 10.05.

Mission unlock -  f
rom 04.05. you will be able to finish mission using gold; until that point, the only way to pass a mission is to fulfillits task.

There is small prize for first 20 players who comment/vote article.

For any questions, problems, suggestions, feedback, feel free to contact us via any of the official channels. You can use them also to inform yourself about news, maintenance schedule, updates and any other info regarding the game.

That’s it for now. Until some other time with more news, have fun and enjoy the game.

Sincere regards,
eRevollution Team                                                                                   


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lol, lazy Admin as always, same old story, same event. Boring as hell.
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Streaching some legs. Laugh
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Military Unit Tournament War of nation: bored, bored, BORED!!! the medal of every 100 lvl is a good update (i was ask them from first mount of server1 but ok xD ), i hope in good rewards. i love lucky dice Smile
LVL 99
great, thanks
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When will this medal be avaliable?
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@Admi new event please.
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Good news
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Copy and Paste
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@admin when you made another double exp week? or maybe a double rank week? Smile
while Military units collect their prize from the gold mine, to 16.04.2020. 16.05.2020
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add beyond the limits too, all event at the moment.. Smile
Error: You do not have enough currency.
TO admin: it would be interesting to see more than the top 10 MU s and the top 10 countries.
stupied ruless admin for War of nations Every win dirrect battle have 1 point for attacker or defender every lose dirrect battle for defender -1 poen this rulles winer is this event Slovenia maybe Laugh
This event is also called Star citizen xD