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I sincerely believe that every day the game becomes more monotonous, so I wanted to make a small survey of some changes, to know their opinions, obviously I doubt that the admin I listen to these suggestions, but we ll see what happens, I hope put your answers 

Changes erev 2 






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God bless you. Surprised
Btw I sent you some really cool ideas, it would be amazing if some of them come to life. Ty for the topic.
es monotono igual que , y todos los demás, aun sí llevamos bastantes añitos aqui como idiotas jaja, esta sabrosa la morra
Admins do not listen players, so don t waste your time. Good idea by the way.
Need to catch up Str for new player. Because if buy starter pack 8k str but now 17k best players. It means 2x str.
very nice Laugh
I answered and put a fake mail cuz it was neededs
con razon tu mujer te pega :v
There is a lot possibilities with MUs to do....for example i would like to see that MU is like an ORG, to have companies and to have storage, and to allow to make donations to players , you can move ORG, etc.
naaaa lo que es la vikinga última!
Que vea tu mujer esas chicas y te va acomodar unos cocos!
In order to bust the game, you need to be active within administration. How to do it? 1. Find good players and pay them to take care 2. Be more active 3. Be creative Also you will need more players. How to do it? 1. Pay to those youtubers, for small amount of money they can bring more players 2. Advertise Its basic steps, but it can bring 5-10k players in game in short period of time. Also my old suggestion is that every server, or world should have beginning and end, with clear winners. For example game will last one year, and you will have grand finale with desider who will won it, which country. Why is this good thing? 1. It is not boring, strategy will be here again 2. Everyone will be preparing for grand finale 3. Grand finale need to be GREAT 4. Winners should have medals. Game will have more players and more money, because it will be first game of this type to have this game scenario (maybe there is something similar but im not familiar with this).
+1 Govedo
Good change would be possibility to vote (or even endorse) someone comments. In my opinion every good idea should be rewarded, so lets say that we can support comment from govedo and even endorse him would so much improve community health and will to play in all segments. Everbody likes to be praised. Lets honor good ideas and smart comments and lets punish trashtalking, insulting and vulgar ones.
I would like to build state-owned factories that would be passed on to other presidents. It would also be cool to add more countries. You can also add political ideologies that give bonuses to production, damage, energy...
Military unit bonus %5 dmg. How is it idea??
It would be nice to see some MU battles clash, let s say some battle where only members of some MU can participate against other. Then make a bracket system and put good rewards for winners. wow Laugh
que pintoresco el admin censura la palabra y la palabra jaja
Ok, but who are you proposing these ideas to? Theres no admin
I want the names of the girls in this article
Vikinys out Kamtchatka