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Table is self explanatory


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This is sick... it would be great if we had such info for other countries too
@Serxhio yes, this is sick for most part. When I have free time I promise I will create a query in erev2tools with statuses like this so anyone can understand how their allies are performing.
is it possible doing sth like all time dmg .. that would be awesome Laugh
@Serxhio erev2tools is not tracking MPPs because there is no API for that. If you have this info ofc I can pull out this data for you.
well I think admins dont have that api too xD
Sinceramente, muito complicado esta situacao. Eu estava nos EUA, e vi muitos erros do gov, e muita falta de organizacao. Eu queria muito continuar ai mas nao via ninguem tentar fazer algo para comunicar, guiar ou ao menos ajudar o pessoal, espero que consigam melhorar mas, para isso, vao ter que achar um governo que faca algo por voces.
Join Perú
USA was helping us before peru/mex to decide to attack you and I appreciate it o7 but BG cant help USA because we have MPP with Mexico and Peru and we are in a war vs a whole alliance. Think before speak.
Thank you alliens....
I don t get meaning of Total dmg in period colums. First one suppose to be USA dmg? I cant understand why there is different numbers in rows. Because this is all USA. So second one should be allies dmg. I really dont think that Japan can make 200 billions in three weeks.
At first those IP addresses seemed strange for me, but then...
I understand BG s situation, regardless this is great informtion. Thanks for doing this.
Hail USA!! Spain always appreciates your help