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Hello to all,

In recent few days there is some kind of upset regarding the future of the game. It is obvious that players population is declining. Also there is no large scale baby booms in last year. So what to do now? How can we save this type of games? 

Well, we can give ideas what to do regarding game scenario. Currently there is no game scenario produced by administration of the game. Players decide themselves how will play, set goals, etc. This type of games never have clear winner, never ends. Well, they have end with slow dying. This game start in October 2018 (correct me if Im wrong), it was live in first months, we had few world wars, and then, its start to slow down with declining in activity and population.

So i will give you some kind of example, what I will do with the game scenario. 

Govedo, you are too hot when you have new ideas!

Open new eRevollution server!

First : Game plan. First 9-10 months of the game will be like this one. You will have resources map, wars, missions, etc. After 10 months of game, administration will add 12 territories in Center of Africa. If you want to conquer each territory you will need to make 50 billion of damage. After one month, administration will add 4 territories inside of this 12, so if you want to conquer you will need to make 75 billion of damage each. And after one month more there will be one center territory between those 4, and you will conquer this one when you make 100 billion of damage. After one country win it, this country need to keep it for 10 days. Other countries can conquer all of this territories anytime from country who did it first.

Second: Game will end in 12 or 13 months with clear winners. All winners will get their honor on their profiles.

I would like second time also Govedo!

Third: You will get lots of players, because everyone love to start from day 1. Because of limited game time, all of them will have focus for end of the game, and they will stay and prepare for finals. Also, you will need to create limit for buying golds, weekly of monthly. With limitation of gold buying, more people will buy gold. So game will have stable finance.

With stable finance you will be able to have 4 very active full time administrators. You will have one game scenarist (me) who will monitor game plan and scenario, and evaluate outcome.

At the end of server, you will have report with earnings, players activity and game popularity.

If you open new erevolution server, you will have nothing to lose, and you will try new concept, and it can be successful. 

I need your thoughts regarding this idea!

I will wait for you Govedo in Burgas!




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I like the first girl... I mean ideea... I mean girl.. I mean the first photo.. I don t know I have not read anything you wrote.. I like the girl thats all Laugh
Stoped reading at open new server and just scrolled for pictures Smile . Who will play yet another server after currently active two...
Lol govedo, you think they will pay moderator, fu*k no they will offer them gold salary like in every other game, if they (admins) want game to survive they would make team of few developers and moderators that would get monthly salary on their bank account, and for that game have to be registrated, they have to make company for online games and pay tax, and that will happen never
U Trebinju dete kliče, napred Govedo predsedniče! Šta sve moram da radim za golde...
Stop sexualizing women
Ей Говеда майка Ви шейба
Look, these games are only alive because of SUPER - loyal audience from original one. The genre itself is dead.
You can open eRev3 - eRev99 lol, with the same Admin, nothing gonna change. Just take a look at its sister game with a new Admin. Boom, the game rocks and 6x more population than this.