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Good evening everyone,

According to personal negotiation with some citizens from U.S; The Holy Peruvian Empire declares that we will liberate one region to keep them alive until the formation of a new government there (and the result to make negotiation or continue of the war).  The holy Peruvian Empire (as a formal declaration of the majority of  their citizens) considers their goals achieved after the retire of Valuk from U.S.  In consequence, our government and the current leader of mexico agreed to let 1 region to U.S in the rest of the war.

Emperor of the HPE



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#TeamEris Para cuando borramos a SA?
Surprised Surprised
estoy en contra para favorecer a esa persona x, ya que esa persona x nos cobro por ayuda en daño, armas, nada nos dio gratis.
ALBEDO el no es.... el es su amigo, pero no la persona x
que???????? Surprised
jajaja ese Rosiel como se nada.... pobre wey
Signed by current CP of Mexico
Nocte 😂😂🔥
I m confused in layers of post-irony.
there is not irony. Peru and Mex considered this campaign as a vengeance after decisions taking in U.S. against us.
Rosiel f@ck you
jajajajajajaja increible que un solo huevon cague todo lo realizado por el gobierno en solo 10 mins :v
I m still confused as to what prompted the vengeance as the US was attacked before Valuk took office, but regardless I m pleased to see this agreement.