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Are you tired of same old events from admin? Do you want to try something else, have fun and at same time win gold? Do you like to hunt for Battle Hero medals?

This is event is for you. By the messages in the chat section we can see that everybody is a little tired of same old events. So I thought about why not the players can create something.

I would like to introduce the Battle Hero Medals in a Row event. Rules are simple:
* Fight in any battle on any side and get BHs medals in a row, battle after battle, you can t skip one battle (if you do, count resets)
* Since beginning of the game, player who got most BHs in a row counts to 5. So get 6 to be our new Battle Hero Medals in a Row
* First who do that will get 10g from me (and will get 30g from the BH medals)
* Post an article with subject {I m the new Battle Hero Medals in a Row winner with X BHs in a row} posting Hall of Fame section screenshot with this information (this is required to receive golds from me)

This is the current Hall of Fame section for Battle Hero Medals in a Row:

If anyone would like to support this event with prizes, let me know so we can work together to have something more fun to the community.

All your support to this article you go to the prize for the first 6 BH in a row player.

Take you chance in this event and have fun.


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can you please specify what does BH medals in a row mean? btw this is a great effort but its sad that admin is letting this game die
Good initiative, I want my gold for being the current winner XD I also think I m the player with the most BH, I think :S
Nice initiative but we need admin to step in with some events to keep the game alive.
I take both side bhs and this calculate?
buena iniciativa
Both sides count as 1 because it is 1 battle.